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Big Revolution - Killing 'Killing Eve'

Welcome to Tuesday's newsletter. Let's dive straight in... – Martin from Big Revolution
April 9 · Issue #393 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Tuesday’s newsletter. Let’s dive straight in…
– Martin from Big Revolution

Big things you need to know today
  • Y Combinator’s growth fund is investing in UK ‘challenger bank’ Monzo, TechCrunch reports. The news comes as Monzo plans a US launch.
  • Spyware that can steal victims’ contacts, audio recordings, photos, videos, location data, and more has been discovered running on iPhones. It previously only worked on Android devices. The iOS version abuses Apple’s enterprise certificate programme.
  • Twitter has cut the maximum number of accounts you can follow per day from 1,000 to 400. This is to make spammers’ lives harder. And if you’re wondering who might need to follow 400 accounts per day, apparently some customer services accounts do this to allow DM conversations.
  • Univision has sold The Onion and Gizmodo Media Group to a private equity firm. Great Hill Partners is the new owner of both the internet’s best-known satirical site and the publisher of sites like Gizmodo and Deadspin.
The big thought
Killing ‘Killing Eve’
Broadcasters are still learning the best way to navigate the modern world of content distribution, and its fans of their biggest shows that sometimes lose out.
Season 2 of hit thriller Killing Eve kicked off on Sunday in the US. But in the UK, we have no idea when we’ll get to see this BBC show. If that sounds confusing, it’s because BBC America and AMC fund Killing Eve, meaning they have first-run rights.
Fair enough, but as news reports say, the reason the BBC in the UK is holding off running the show, say, the next day, is because they think fans will want to binge it all in one go. That means we’ve got to wait until after the last episode has aired in the US, some time in the summer.
Bingeing (not 'binging’ please, that’s searching for something on Microsoft’s search engine) on TV shows is a fun way to watch them – if they’re available worldwide simultaneously. If Netflix drops a new season of Black Mirror worldwide in one go, you can watch at your own pace whenever you like, wherever you are and if you catch any spoilers along the way, it’s your own responsibility.
But in the case of Killing Eve season 2, bingeing makes no sense at all in the UK. The first season hadn’t really picked up a UK audience when it launched, so making them all available in one go after the US was fine. But now UK viewers want to keep up and avoid spoilers online.
It seems a wish to drive as much viewing through the BBC’s iPlayer app as possible, combined with a feeling that Netflix-style bingeing is a trend they have to keep up with, led the BBC to completely ignore how fans of shows like Killing Eve consume such shows. They like to talk about them online as part of global communities, and you can’t do that if you haven’t seen them yet and don’t know when you will.
I’m sure torrent sites are already doing healthy traffic with the opening episode of Killing Eve season 2, and that could have been avoided.
And besides all this, watching a show week-to-week is fun sometimes. Knowing you have to wait seven days for the resolution of a cliffhanger the old fashioned way can be enjoyable. So how about a change of heart, BBC?
One big read
Instagram’s New Stars: Crime Scene Cleanup Specialists Instagram’s New Stars: Crime Scene Cleanup Specialists
An audience is growing for true crime – Instagram style. I think I’d rather not see this stuff in my feed, but the kind of people who buy magazines about murderers must lap this stuff up.
One big tweet
Cosmetics brand Lush is abandoning social media in favour of more direct and personal channels like the chat box on its website. Will it keep this up, or come crawling back?
We're switching up social.

Increasingly, social media is making it harder and harder for us to talk to each other directly. We are tired of fighting with algorithms, and we do not want to pay to appear in your newsfeed.
8:01 AM - 8 Apr 2019
That’s all for today...
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