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Big Revolution - Kanye believe it?

Welcome to Friday's Big Revolution. We round off the week with a self-own in the security department
May 4 · Issue #68 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Friday’s Big Revolution. We round off the week with a self-own in the security department at Twitter…

Big things you need to know today
- Change your Twitter password. The company says it accidentally stored all users’ unencrypted passwords in an internal log. It says there’s no evidence anyone outside the company accessed the log, but still, change your password – and switch on 2-factor authentication if you can, if it isn’t already switched on.
- Instagram is testing in-app payments, TechCrunch reports. This is a huge move that could turn Instagram into a really powerful shopping app.
- Along similar lines, Amazon Alexa now lets developers add the ability for users to buy things (in the US). The news comes as the number of Alexa skills hits 40,000 – up from 25,000 six months ago.
- Google’s super-secure Advanced Protection program just got better. It now allows you to access your Google account through Apple’s own iOS apps like Mail and Calendar. Previously, the program restricted you to Google’s own apps.
- Popular podcast player app Pocket Casts has been acquired by a group of American radio stations and the makers of This American Life. I use Pocket Casts, and this deal feels like really good news for podcast lovers.
The big thought
Credit: rodrigoferrari / Wikimedia Commons
Kanye believe it?
Yesterday I stumbled upon a Twitter thread that looked at Kanye West’s recent pro-Trump behaviour and controversial comments on slavery, and presented evidence that it was all an elaborate work of performance art to promote his upcoming new music.
My reaction to the thread was to sigh in exasperation about just how complicated the world is today. Even celebrity gossip and music news is exhausting. Whether it’s trolls spewing propaganda, politicians obscuring the truth and peddling outright falsehoods, or increasingly complicated marketing campaigns, it feels like everyone wants to lie to us these days. And thanks to social media, they can do it much faster and more often than in the past.
We’re expected to suck it all up and accept it as just a part of life in the 21st century –we have to assume that everyone is lying to us all the time. 
I can accept that from propagandists, but imagine what stunts marketers will get up to with the deepfake technology currently blighting the world of pornography. Or rather, don’t – it’s too depressing.
I don’t know whether Kanye West is badly misguided or an ace performance artist, but I fear that our trouble deciding which one it is acts as a precursor to a very exhausting future.
One big read
Amazon warehouse workers tell us their horror stories Amazon warehouse workers tell us their horror stories
Something to think about next time you renew your Prime subscription…
One big tweet
Some perspective on password breaches.
Seth Fiegerman
Friendly reminder: Equifax breach exposed pretty much every personal detail about you that actually matters. And it's still out there. Nothing else even ranks compared to that.
9:34 PM - 3 May 2018
That’s all for today...
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