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Big Revolution - It's not us, it's you

Into the weekend as we approach Wednesday's official launch, an I'm going to try a slightly more flex
March 10 · Issue #13 · View online
Big Revolution
Into the weekend as we approach Wednesday’s official launch, an I’m going to try a slightly more flexible approach to the headings at weekends…

Big things at SXSW
Bose's 'AR' glasses, on show at SXSW
- I’m not at SXSW this year. It’s like crop rotation for tech festivals – I’m active for a few years then rest for a year. I’m keeping an eye on what’s happening out there, though.
- ‘It’s not us, it’s you,’ was essentially Facebook’s message to publishers at a panel yesterday. The media wasn’t buying it, and the relationship between both parties seems as fraught as it has ben for the past couple of months.
- A Twitter edit button could be in the works, according to my former colleague, Matt Navarra. While he’s vague about it all, he’s optimistic about how useful it could be to edit tweets this way.
- Audio tech firm Bose is showing off ‘augmented reality glasses’ that don’t change what you see at all – they’re  all about audio. They include speakers that can offer contextual information about the world around you.
Big things you need to know today
- Turkish and Egyptian ISPs have seemingly been caught installing government spyware, cryptocurrency mining software, and ad fraud software on unsuspecting customers’ websites. All the stronger case for fully encrypted web traffic.
- Google’s Alexa rival is getting smarter. Hardware manufacturers can now add custom commands to Assistant, that make their equipment easier to use. “So the manufacturer of a smart dishwasher that supports Google’s voice assistant could add a command to ‘start a hypercycle,’ even though that’s not a universal feature found on other dishwashers.”
- Snap is caught up in another racism row. Following previous controversies over racially insensitive lenses, Snap has had to temporarily pull its Giphy integration after it served a racist GIF.
- The New York Times columnist who got all his news from printed newspapers for two weeks is facing heat after people noticed he’d been using Twitter the whole time.
One big read
Antique, museum piece, or piece of trash?
Will failed IoT juice-maker Juicero become an antique? TNW’s Matthew Hughes explores whether you should buy the now useless device, which has been seen on sale for $40. 
I’m not convinced. It’ll probably be a museum piece, but I’m not sure it’ll be remember well enough to become a true antique. Still, interesting to think through…
One big tweet
Karma in action for the ‘pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli, as he’s jailed for seven years. It’s definitely not his time now.
Charlie Warzel
the night before Trump was inaugurated Shkreli threatened to break a Heineken bottle over my head for asking a question, told me BuzzFeed would be gone in a year, said it was “his time now”
7:09 PM - 9 Mar 2018
That’s all for today...
See you tomorrow!
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