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Big Revolution - Hit hard

Welcome to Saturday's weekend-format Big Revolution.  I'm not exactly the world's biggest royalist, b
May 19 · Issue #83 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Saturday’s weekend-format Big Revolution. 
I’m not exactly the world’s biggest royalist, but yes, I’m watching the royal wedding as I write this – or at least, BBC presenters filling time in the sunshine while they wait for something to happen.

Big things you need to know today
- Snapchat’s controversial redesign was pushed through by Snap’s CEO after a trip to China. “When he got back to Snap’s California office, Mr. Spiegel ordered his design teams to make the changes—with little discussion of his reasoning,” The Information reports. That, it seems, was just the start of a fumbled process.
- The tension between Donald Trump and Amazon has ramped up as it’s reported that the US president has pressured the US Postal Service to double the rate it charges to deliver Amazon parcels. Trump is no fan of CEO Jeff Bezos (Bezos is both an opponent of, and far wealthier than, Trump), and has previously talked about friends’ businesses being squeezed by Amazon’s dominance.
- Look out, influencer agencies: Facebook wants to directly connect influencers to marketers via a new search product, TechCrunch talks.
- YouTube is flavour of the month in the never-ending dance of publishers and platforms, according to Digiday. Publishers see it as a stable place to post episodic videos.
Big weekend reads
Tech Hit This Small Town Hard. Now, Locals Hope It Will Fuel a Revival. Tech Hit This Small Town Hard. Now, Locals Hope It Will Fuel a Revival.
Small towns are hardest hit by the shift to online retail. This article takes an interesting look at how Holywell in Wales is trying to fight back, with initiatives like a partnership with payments firm Square. 
“Business owners here are cleareyed about the impact so far. The service has not suddenly driven a significant increase in trade, nor do they expect it to. But many say it has stanched a fall, and allowed them to appeal to a wider array of customers, particularly younger ones, who use cash less than previous generations.”
Jordan Peterson, Custodian of the Patriarchy
Undoubtedly the most shared article in my online bubble over the past 24 hours. It’s rare to see an in-depth female perspective on the cult of Jordan Peterson. The NYT’s Nellie Bowles spent two days with him this month.
What happens in an internet minute in 2018?
A fun infographic showing the scale of internet activity in 2018.
If you're a true marketer, you love GDPR
Here’s a marketer who thinks GDPR can set set her industry onto a more wholesome path.
One big tweet
The circle of life…
Benedict Evans
Whenever US politics get too depressing, I look at UK politics. Whenever UK politics get too depressing, I look at US politics. It can always be worse.
3:07 AM - 19 May 2018
That’s all for today...
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