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Big Revolution - Fun with non-fungibles

Welcome to today's weekend format Big Revolution, focused on news and good reads... – Martin
June 16 · Issue #111 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to today’s weekend format Big Revolution, focused on news and good reads…

Big things you need to know today
- Disgraced healthtech entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes has been indicted on fraud charges. It’s alleged that blood testing firm Theranos defrauded investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars, and deceived patients and doctors.
- Apple has signed Oprah Winfrey to make shows for it over the coming years.
- Time Warner has renamed itself Warner Media after being acquired by AT&T this week.
- A radio reporter who has lost the ability to speak is back on the air. A rare neurological disorder took his natural voice, but a Scottish tech company has given him a unique text-to-speech voice. “Yes, it sounds slightly robotic, but I could hear myself in those words,” he told the AP.
Big weekends read
Mapping the Emerging Non-Fungible Token Landscape Mapping the Emerging Non-Fungible Token Landscape
One of the most interesting parts of the crypto asset landscape is non-fungible tokens. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, these tokens can represent individual, unique items. There’s a lot of potential here, as this piece explores.
AI Nationalism — Ian Hogarth
A good look at how A.I. could upset the international order by giving some countries a huge lead over others.
How to build a better product with UX writing
UX writing has been around for a few years as an emerging field, and people are starting to take notice. It’s a specialist, technical form of writing focused on usability and optimising user behaviour. This article explains.
One big tweet
As Apple signs Oprah, but here’s a reminder that the company doesn’t have an obvious place to put all this original content yet… and iTunes is still a mess.
M.G. Siegler
Apple can’t wait for people to be able to search for Oprah content in the third sub-menu of the Television part of the Watch tab within iTunes.
9:52 PM - 15 Jun 2018
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