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Big Revolution - Free speech is a marketing strategy

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Big Revolution
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Big things you need to know today
  • Uber is reportedly trying to buy food delivery company Postmates. This follows the company losing out on acquiring Grubhub.
  • Amazon Prime Video has launched a ‘Watch Party’ feature, so up to 100 users can view the same TV show or movie simultaneously, with group chat.
The big thought
Credit: Parler
Credit: Parler
Free speech is a marketing strategy
Parler is the ‘free speech alternative to Twitter’ that has been embraced by sections of the right-wing in the US and UK. But is it actually any more 'pro-free-speech’ than Twitter is?
TechDirt reports on how Parler is already taking down content:
On Friday we predicted that just like every other social media platform out there, the new favorite among people who falsely say that Twitter is censoring conservatives, would start taking down content and shutting down accounts just like everyone else. Because, if you run any sort of platform that allows 3rd party speech, sooner or later you discover you have to do that. In Friday’s post, we highlighted Parler’s terms of service, which certainly allows for it to take down any content for any reason (we also mocked their “quick read on Wikipedia” style understanding of the 1st Amendment).
What we did not expect was that Parler would prove us right so damn quickly. Over the weekend, Parler was apparently busy taking down accounts.
Yes, it turns out that every online community needs moderation, and if you leave up everything that everyone posts, you end up with a really poor-quality user experience. And that’s before you factor in the moderation required to get rid of illegal content.
Yes, Parler isn’t some free speech heaven, it is merely Twitter with a different marketing strategy. I don’t think this is a bad thing; more direct competition for Twitter would probably be a good thing.
But if those people banned from Twitter for bad behaviour genuinely believe it was because Twitter 'censors conservatives,’ they might end up eventually finding themselves banned from Parler and realising it was their conduct, and not the platform — or even their own conservative worldview — that was the real problem.
One big read
Hong Kongers erase digital footprints ahead of security laws Hong Kongers erase digital footprints ahead of security laws
How Hong Kong residents are altering their digital lives in the light of tough new security laws that were passed into law this morning. The new rules are already having a chilling effect.
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