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Big Revolution - Following the money

Welcome to Saturday's Big Revolution; your reward for checking your email at the weekend. – Martin
October 13 · Issue #230 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Saturday’s Big Revolution; your reward for checking your email at the weekend.

Big things you need to know today
  • A new website charges you 99 US cents… to see who else has paid 99 cents. And people are paying. Well, it’s certainly a good way monetising virality (for a few days, until the novelty wears off).
Big weekend reads
Silicon Valley’s Saudi Arabia Problem Silicon Valley’s Saudi Arabia Problem
Tech companies are suddenly discovering the downside to all the Saudi money that has recently flooded into Silicon Valley.
It’s Too Late to Stop Trusting Facebook
“Though users are in some way responsible for the information they’ve given to Facebook — my hometown is in some hacker’s hands because I typed C-h-i-c-a-g-o into a text field years ago — none of us are soothsayers. Like a high school student in 2005, the grandparent who signed up for the service to see baby pictures could not reasonably have expected the social network to turn into an unending web of compromised data. Nor could they have expected that the basic functions of the website would be the ones that betrayed them.”
Android: The word Google didn't say during the Pixel 3 event
Is Google suddenly wary of mentioning its own mobile operating system by name?
One big tweet
A tale of five notches.
Raymond Wong📱💾📼
Which phone wears the notch best? iPhone XS Max, Pixel 3 XL, OnePlus 6, Essential Phone, or Vivo V11?
12:24 AM - 13 Oct 2018
That’s all for today...
Back tomorrow with more weekend reads!
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