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Big Revolution - Falling out of love with blockchain

Welcome to Wednesday's Big Revolution. Let's dive straight in. – Martin
November 14 · Issue #262 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Wednesday’s Big Revolution. Let’s dive straight in.

Big things you need to know today
  • A Nigerian ISP says it was to blame for accidentally routing Google traffic through China. The embarrassing slip-up happened on Monday and set alarm bells ringing about the possibility of a malicious incident.
  • Alphabet’s Waymo will use a new brand name for its self-driving taxi service. The service launches next month in Phoenix, Arizona. However, at first only “perhaps dozens or hundreds” of users will get access to it, Bloomberg reports.
The big thought
Credit: Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash
Falling out of love with blockchain
Corporate America is falling out of love with blockchain technology. That’s at least according to an Axios report this week:
“S&P 500 executives are dropping blockchain buzzwords less on earnings calls and during presentations to analysts and investors. Analysts are also asking about it less.”
Technology drives progress, and progress means growth to investors. So it’s no surprise that corporations felt like they had to have a ‘blockchain strategy.’ The thing about blockchain tech is it’s not easy to explain clearly, and its most effective use – cryptocurrencies – aren’t easy to explain either.
The result? Everyone who want to sound like they had their finger on the pulse of future technology enthused about blockchain, even if they didn’t really understand how it could be useful to them.
Distributed ledgers have uses, but they’re not as widespread as some would have you think. Away from the theses of people who advocate for a completely decentralised internet, blockchains are just another tool that can be useful for some tasks, and not for others.
IBM may have invested heavily in helping businesses move into the blockchain space, but I wonder how many of those projects are still active five years from now, and how big IBM’s blockchain division is then.
One big read
Burned to death because of a rumour on WhatsApp Burned to death because of a rumour on WhatsApp
An in-depth look at an incident in August when two men lost their lives due to unfounded rumours on WhatsApp.
One big tweet
A piece of advice might sound smart, but one size doesn’t fit all.
Andreas Klinger ✌️
After hundreds of startup advice blogposts and podcasts i can savely say:

Every possible advice imaginable is out there and worked for somebody at some point.

Doesn't make them right for you.
3:58 PM - 13 Nov 2018
That’s all for today...
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