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Big Revolution - Evolving beyond a newsletter

Welcome to Thursday's Big Revolution. Today is a big day, as Big Revolution is evolving! More on that
January 24 · Issue #327 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Thursday’s Big Revolution. Today is a big day, as Big Revolution is evolving! More on that in the ‘big thought’ section below.
– Martin

Big things you need to know today
  • Amazon is testing its own delivery robot. Called Scout, it hits the streets of Snohomish County, Washington today.
  • Twitter wants to make complicated discussions easier to navigate by placing an ‘original tweeter’ label against tweets by the person who started the debate. The label is in testing now, so you might see it 'in the wild.’
  • Apple has laid off 200 staff in its autonomous car unit. This project has seemingly grown and shrunk in headcount over the past few years, as Apple figures out its best approach to autonomous vehicles. The company isn’t abandoning the space.
  • Phones with screens that fold in two are so last week. Xiaomi has shown off a prototype that folds into thirds.
The big thought
This logo is going to be doing more work from now on.
Evolving beyond a newsletter
Today, Big Revolution becomes more than just a newsletter. The newsletter will still operate as it does now (with some tweaks soon, thanks to your feedback!) but the Big Revolution ‘brand’ is expanding.
Today I’m launching Big Revolution as a language-focused strategy consultancy for tech and media companies.
When I went freelance at the start of last year, I deliberately kept my offering broad. The idea was to find out what people wanted me to do, what I enjoyed doing (beyond journalism), and then find the point where the two met.
The most common requests I received were from companies wanting help shaping the language they used about their products, and how they marketed them. I helped them construct simple, clear messaging. This not only shaped how they positioned their offerings, but how they thought about them internally and developed them further.
In a phrase, it’s ‘language-focused strategy.’
And so that’s what Big Revolution, my new consultancy, focuses on.
Big Revolution serves startups and growth-stage businesses alike, and product-focused tech and media companies are our sweet spot. We’re an external eye on your strategy, with a belief that good communication is a core factor in the success of your business.
Once you have your messaging on point, we’ll help you determine what stories you should tell the media and when you should tell them (although we’re not a PR firm). And if you need to devise or implement a content strategy, we’re an experienced editorial eye to ensure there’s real quality control applied to your output.
We’re based in Manchester, UK, but serve companies worldwide.
I’ll continue my writing and event speaking work in addition to running Big Revolution.
Read more about Big Revolution on its website, and drop us a line if we can help you (you can simply reply to this newsletter).
Tomorrow’s 'big thought’ will be back to the usual rumination on the future of technology, media, and the world. I just thought I should explain how things are expanding around here!
One big read
The new elite’s phoney crusade to save the world – without changing anything
It’s always the way – people become rich and powerful by changing the world, and then do everything they can to stop it changing any more so they can maintain their position. But the stakes are now much higher than they’ve ever been before, and something’s got to give.
One big tweet
The big layoffs in online media have some wondering if there’s any business model at all for these titles that works at scale…
Chris Hayes
What if there is literally no profitable model for digital news? Or none that actually scales and endures without, say, the established readership base and brand of the NYT. This seems...increasingly likely to me?
11:49 PM - 23 Jan 2019
That’s all for today...
Back in your inbox tomorrow. See you then!
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