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Big Revolution - Escapist Musk worship

Hello and welcome to Friday's Big Revolution. Let's dive in... – Martin
June 15 · Issue #110 · View online
Big Revolution
Hello and welcome to Friday’s Big Revolution. Let’s dive in…

Big things you need to know today
- Social media is declining as a source of news worldwide, according to the Reuters Institute’s 2018 Digital News Report.
- Bitcoin and ether are not securities, but some initial coin offerings may be, says the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Meanwhile, banks are shying away from using blockchain-based systems to manage payments. That all makes sense, but the real bad news for crypto enthusiasts is that Steve Bannon has embraced Bitcoin.
- Content recommendation service Nuzzel has launched a ranking of the most authoritative news sources. There are some interesting placings in the chart; TechCrunch and The Verge rank above the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, for example.
- Snap has finally launched a suite of tools for developers. “This set of APIs lets other apps piggyback on Snap’s login for sign up, build Bitmoji avatars into their keyboards, display public Our Stories and Snap Map content, and generate branded stickers with referral links users can share back inside Snapchat,” reports TechCrunch. This is either ‘better late than never,’ or simply 'way too late.’ Important point – Snap is being way more protective of user data than similar Facebook features.
The big thought
A selection of reactions to news about the launch of One37pm
Escapist Musk worship
It’s easy to pour scorn on the new publication from Gary Vaynerchuk’s media company, and many on Twitter have.
 As Business Insider reports, new men’s title One37pm:
  • “is an aspirational brand that will aim to capture the collision of worlds like tech, professional sports, and hip-hop.”
  • will embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship where “you have to be prepared to own your minute at any moment.”
  • will offer a daily briefing for Amazon’s Alexa, focused exclusively on Elon Musk. “Called ‘Musk Listen,’ [it] will "update you daily on what The Musk is up to.”
  • won’t write any negative stories – it’s all about being positive
  • won’t have a clear line between advertising and editorial – promotional pieces will run alongside content that isn’t sponsored, and it’ll all be written by the same team.
Journalists understandably feel uncomfortable about a publication that just wants to pump out sponsored, positive stories and ignore any hard questions about the people it covers. But I can think of quite a lot of men in their twenties (the target audience) who would find this an inspiring daily read. 
Sure, it’s not hard news, but think of it as entertainment and it’s a far more palatable proposition. Why shouldn’t people have a daily slice of 'hustle’ as motivation before they start their working day? 
One37pm certainly won’t have me as a regular reader, but as long as this kind of approach doesn’t wipe out 'real’ news, I see no harm in it. Its audience probably doesn’t even care if a lot of the articles are sponsored, and with that in mind, it probably makes sense that all articles are positive. An upbeat piece about a sponsor is a lot less ethically questionable if you’re positive about everything.
Sneering at what other people choose to read isn’t a good look. Let those who want a bit of escapist Musk worship get on with it.
One big read
A Fact-Checker Hatched An Elaborate Scheme To Catch A Site That Was Stealing His Stories A Fact-Checker Hatched An Elaborate Scheme To Catch A Site That Was Stealing His Stories
This is a brilliant way to catch a plagiarist, and a great read about combating the internet’s bad actors.
One big tweet
Sometimes you can wait years for the perfect comeback.
That’s all for today...
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