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Big Revolution - Don't worry, your password hasn't expired

Welcome to Friday's newsletter. Don't miss the note immediately below this for news about the next we
April 26 · Issue #407 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Friday’s newsletter. Don’t miss the note immediately below this for news about the next week. Have a great day, folks.
– Martin from Big Revolution

A note about the coming week...
I’ll be on holiday (or vacation, depending on where you’re from) for a week from today, and then there’s a public holiday on the Monday after I return, so the next full edition of this newsletter will be on Tuesday 7th May.
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Big things you need to know today
  • Facebook faces increasing scrutiny from regulators. The US Federal Trade Commission, Canadian privacy commissioners, and the Irish Data Protection Commission are all investigating or mulling action against the company. Meanwhile, the New York attorney general’s office is investigating Facebook’s unauthorised collection of 1.5m email addresses. The New York Times explains more.
  • Twitter doesn’t automatically identify white supremacists on its platform because some mainstream right-wing politicians would also get caught up in the dragnet, Motherboard reports. This says a lot about the quality of political discourse right now.
  • Facebook is banning apps of ‘limited utility’ such as personality quizzes from using its APIs. Also, apps that don’t use their access to your account for 90 days will have it revoked.
  • Amazon plans to launch free one-day shipping for Prime subscribers in the US. This is big news there, but it’s been a benefit of Prime in the UK for years.
The big thought
Credit: CMDR Shane on Unsplash
Don’t worry, your password hasn’t expired
“Your password has expired, please enter a new one” is one of the most frustrating messages an office worker can see at the start of their day.
Often the solution is to just take your old password and add a number to the end. It’s hardly secure (if a would-be hacker discovers your old password they’ll probably guest your new one) and regularly inconveniencing users isn’t the best way to make them treat the security of your network with care.
For years, security experts have argued that automatically expiring passwords were poor security practice, and finally, it seems Microsoft agrees. The option for administrators to force users to regularly change their password is being removed from an upcoming version of Windows 10.
As Bleeping Computer reports, there will be no replacement security feature, but network administrators and security officers should focus on introducing things like two-factor auth and password managers. These are far more secure, with physical keys being particularly appealing in many situations.
This is very much a positive move, but given the (often necessary) glacial pace at which many large businesses update their software, it will likely be some time yet before automatically expiring passwords completely expire from office life.
One big read
Laurene Powell Jobs' Foundation Becomes a VC Machine Laurene Powell Jobs' Foundation Becomes a VC Machine
A profile of the woman best known to the world as Steve Jobs’ widow, but who has been busy building a business, investment, and philanthropy empire that’s very much her own.
One big tweet
‘Netflix for podcasts’ service Luminary launched without some big-name content from the likes of the New York Times and Spotify, but now smaller creators are angry with it, too.
Owen Williams ⚡
@hearluminary Probably would have added our show to Luminary if they had just asked, but instead I'm here making a takedown request—great way to make a good impression in the podcasting community!
1:46 PM - 25 Apr 2019
That’s all for today...
As mentioned above, there are no weekend editions for the next couple of weekends but if you’re a member you’ll be getting weekday updates every day next week. If not, I’ll see you back on the 7th of May.
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