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Big Revolution - Changing its fate

Hello and welcome to Monday's Big Revolution. It's a public holiday in the UK today, so it's a weeken
May 7 · Issue #71 · View online
Big Revolution
Hello and welcome to Monday’s Big Revolution. It’s a public holiday in the UK today, so it’s a weekend style edition, but we’ll be back to full service tomorrow.

Big things you need to know today
- Researchers say that Chinese intelligence officers are behind years’ worth of attempts to breach software and gaming companies in places like the US, Europe, and Russia, via malware.
- The next version of Android will remove a security hole that allows any app to gain full access to the network activity on your device, without asking for permissions.
- How did Cambridge Analytica actually use Facebook data? The Guardian has an explainer.
Big bank holiday reads
The original iMac: 20 years since Apple changed its fate The original iMac: 20 years since Apple changed its fate
Looking back to how the iMac changed the world of computing, 20 years ago this week. Personally, I wish Apple would bring back the anglepoise iMac, that was always my favourite design.
Subscription hell
As the number of paywalls stacks up, here are some good ideas about online media subscriptions. “Subscriptions should be seen as an upgrade, not a tax. A subscription should provide new features, content, and capabilities that didn’t exist before while maintaining the former product that consumers have enjoyed for years.”
Is Buying Crypto Assets “Investing”
NYC venture capitalist Fred Wilson hits back against Warren Buffet’s dismissal of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets as a valid form of investment. Wilson is bullish on crypto.
One big tweet
This tweet has me wondering who I’ll be at age 50…
Chris Anderson
By age 50 everyone reverts to who they really are. So the French guy who has been playing the Silicon Valley game moves back to France or starts tweeting in French. The car nerd spends the weekends in the garage. Women favor women. Ethnicity re-emerges. It's life's morning after
3:15 AM - 7 May 2018
That’s all for today...
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