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Big Revolution - Building depressed robots

Here's Saturday's weekend-format Big Revolution, packed with A.I., robots... and a vampire watch. – M
May 12 · Issue #76 · View online
Big Revolution
Here’s Saturday’s weekend-format Big Revolution, packed with A.I., robots… and a vampire watch.

Big things you need to know today
- A watch the collects the wearer’s blood using tiny needles that ‘explode’ into a wearer’s skin and are pulled back by magnets? It sounds insane, but  Alphabet’s Verily life sciences division is reportedly working on it as a less invasive way of collecting blood.
- Boston Dynamics is set to sell its Spot Mini robot dog to the public from next year. It’s aimed at office environments, but they’re not exactly clear on why you’d need one.
- Alphabet’s DeepMind is teaching A.I. to navigate like a mammal’s brain would
- Facebook is apparently exploring the creation of its own  cryptocurrency, Cheddar reports. It’s unlikely to emerge any time soon though, and quite right too – there’s really not much need for Facebook to do such a thing right now.
- It’s not just Spotify muting R Kelly. Apple Music says it removed him from its playlists weeks ago, and Pandora is making a similar move.
Big weekend reads
Let’s Not (Accidentally) Build Depressed Robots Let’s Not (Accidentally) Build Depressed Robots
Highly speculative, but worth considering… “What if an intelligent car got upset if it ran a red light or depressed if it hit a pedestrian? How would you conduct a war with an intelligent drone that felt remorse when it bombed innocent civilians? Would you feel OK about sending a bomb disposal robot out into the field, knowing that its code somehow “felt” fear?”
What we found in Facebook ads by Russians accused of election meddling
Analysis of 3,517 Facebook ads Russia promoted to Americans between 2015 to 2017. Stoking racism was a key theme.
Deep learning with synthetic data will democratize the tech industry
How ‘synthetic data’ can act as training wheels for A.I.
Alexa and Siri Can Hear This Hidden Command. You Can’t
A look at how researchers managed to hijack virtual assistants using signals inaudible to the human ear.
One big tweet
Paywalls: great for journalism, bad for your wallet.
Christopher Mims 🎆
Has anyone added up what it's going to cost me to subscribe to The Washington Post, the Times, Wired, The Economist? What is my monthly news budget going to be and is it more than I spend on food.
11:44 AM - 11 May 2018
That’s all for today...
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