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Big Revolution - Blinkered to new ideas

Welcome to Thursday's Big Revolution. Amidst all the predictions of Brexit chaos come March, I’ve wr
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Big Revolution
Welcome to Thursday’s Big Revolution.
Amidst all the predictions of Brexit chaos come March, I’ve written a plan that involves launching a new business in the UK in February. Madness or great timing? I guess I’ll find out…

Big things you need to know today
  • SoftBank has cast some doubt on the chances of it launching another huge Vision Fund. The first Vision Fund, which has transformed late-stage tech funding, was backed by Saudi money. In the wake of the Khashoggi scandal, that’s less palatable than it once was.
  • Apple has expanded its EU privacy website worldwide, CNBC reports. The site lets customers see what data Apple stores about them. Spoiler: it’s probably not a lot compared to the likes of Google and Facebook.
The big thought
Blinkered to new ideas
There has been much mocking online of Panasonic’s Wear Space, a prototype device designed to help people concentrate in open-plan offices.
The mocking is understandable to an extent – Wear Space certainly looks ridiculous. The device slots around your head, narrowing your vision to what’s directly in front of you, and cancelling out nearby noise.
“Why not just build closed offices?!,” people ask. “I knew open offices were a bad idea!” And yes, there is something vaguely dystopian about obscuring most of your face from your coworkers, but it’s not really that different from wearing headphones.
Open-plan offices are an unavoidable part of modern life for many people. If this is someone’s ‘life hack’ for dealing with it – pah – who cares?
Apple AirPods looked ridiculous a couple of years ago. I know – I got the weird stares when I wore them on the day they went on sale, and I got those stares most days for months afterwards, too. But now they’re perfectly acceptable and widely worn; the funny looks are dying off.
So don’t laugh at someone’s method of dealing with a working environment that’s beyond their control. One day soon they might seem a good idea to you, too.
One big read
These New Tricks Can Outsmart Deepfake Videos—for Now These New Tricks Can Outsmart Deepfake Videos—for Now
The ‘tells’ that allow software to identify deepfake videos, at least for the time being.
That’s all for today...
See you again tomorrow, folks.
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