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Big Revolution - Betrayed

Welcome to Sunday's Big Revolution. Tomorrow's edition will be sent from a train, as I'll be on my wa
June 10 · Issue #105 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Sunday’s Big Revolution. Tomorrow’s edition will be sent from a train, as I’ll be on my way to the CogX conference in London. Going to be there too? Reply to this email and let’s meet up.

Big things you need to know today
- Another nail in the coffin for boxed video games. EA has announced that it’s building a streaming service for its titles. CNET has seen it in action. And if you’re a big fan of the company’s titles, you’ll soon be able to subscribe to play them all for £14.99/$14.99 per month, or £89.99/$99.99 per year.
- Building Amazon devices in China is even less fun than working in its fulfilment centres in the West. The Guardian looks at the harsh conditions at the Foxconn plant that makes Echos and Kindles.
- When Zuck invited Musk to dinner to chat killer robots: The New York Times has the details. Oh to have been a fly on the wall here.
- Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s Boring Company gave its first 1,000 flamethrowers to customers yesterday. For someone who hates bad press, he’s literally playing with fire. Who will be first to have an accident with one of these things?
Big weekend reads
User Agreements Are Betraying You User Agreements Are Betraying You
A look at our relationship with the user agreements few of us read. “To this day, these agreements largely exist to legally protect companies and not to fully inform users in an intelligible way.”
Marriott CEO on Tech Giants: 'We Are in an Absolute War for Who Owns the Customer'
The CEO of hotel giant Marriott sees Google and Facebook as much more significant threats than Airbnb. Why? They know more about their customers’ travel preferences than Marriott does. 
Ripple and Swift slug it out over cross-border payments
In what may prove to be the first proper case of ‘disruption by Blockchain,’ international money transfer co-op Swift is feeling the heat from new solutions from companies like Ripple.
Dear Conference Organizers: You’re Doing Chairs Wrong
Diversity at conferences is about more than booking more women to speak. The choice of chairs is more important than some (mainly men) might realise.
That’s all for today...
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