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Big Revolution - Because people are horrible

June 24 · Issue #119 · View online
Big Revolution
Big things you need to know today
- Adobe is developing software to automatically detect Photoshopped images. Tech like this will be increasingly necessary as image manipulation is used for sway public opinion in significant ways.
- Google is making Android apps safer. “The company is now adding a ‘small amount’ of security metadata to Android APKs to be sure that they were distributed through the Play Store or an approved channel,” Engadget reports.
- Most Americans aren’t keen on robots helping them with tasks.
Big weekend reads
Thermostats, Locks and Lights: Digital Tools of Domestic Abuse Thermostats, Locks and Lights: Digital Tools of Domestic Abuse
Because people are horrible and will abuse every technological advance… “Internet-connected locks, speakers, thermostats, lights and cameras that have been marketed as the newest conveniences are now also being used as a means for harassment, monitoring, revenge and control.”
Are scooter startups really worth billions?
As the new wave of American electric scooters make the transatlantic hop to Paris, here’s a European take on the phenomenon.
The Legend of Nintendo
Bloomberg reflects on Nintendo’s resurgence over the past year, including interviews with executives. The Switch is certainly the first console I’ve felt a real love for since the SNES (or maybe the Gamecube). I’ve owned many consoles in between, but they’ve always felt like mere conduits for games rather than anything more special in and of themselves.
One big tweet
Gameshows, and our standards, were very different in the 70s…
Alex Konrad
We’re watching an ancient Family Feud from the 70s. The host kisses all the female contestants on the lips.

The topic was “reasons you wouldn’t get elected president.” For real.

Three top answers: criminal record, scandal, divorce.

How things have changed...
12:54 AM - 24 Jun 2018
That’s all for today...
I’ll be back tomorrow with another full weekday edition of Big Revolution.
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