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Big Revolution - Augmenting reality with Harry Potter

Welcome to Friday's newsletter. Shortly, I'll be giving a presentation to a bunch of startups on an a
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Big Revolution
Welcome to Friday’s newsletter. Shortly, I’ll be giving a presentation to a bunch of startups on an accelerator, about pitching to the press. But first, time to hit ‘send’ and deliver this little lot to your inbox…
— Martin from Big Revolution

Big things you need to know today
  • Age checks on adult content online in the UK have been confirmed as delayed for as long as six months. This is down to a legal technicality rather than the obvious fact that the checks are ridiculous.
  • 6% of drivers say it’s safe to take a nap when Tesla’s Autopilot feature is engaged. A survey found people grossly overestimate the capabilities of Elon Musk’s cars.
The big thought
Augmenting reality with Harry Potter
Niantic appears to have mastered the art of turning real-world locations into magical kingdoms. That’s what I learned from a trip out with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite yesterday, after it launched in the US and UK a day earlier than expected.
If you’ve ever tried Pokémon Go, you’ll have a rough idea of what to expect here. All the Pokémon elements are switched for JK Rowling’s creations, but it’s not just a reskin. The whole game is far more slick. This is particularly true of the AR, which integrates Harry Potter characters into the world around you pretty convincingly. Enemies scuttle around on the ground in front of you, treasure chests look like they’re really there, and objects resize and rotate convincingly. When it works well, it’s a joy to behold.
There’s a lot to do, with daily challenges and plenty of items to roam around your local area in search of. I’m not even really a Harry Potter fan, and even I had fun exploring. Some may find all the different items to collect and tasks to complete a little overwhelming, but it’s easiest just to let the game guide your through it all at a steady pace.
I don't know enough about Harry Potter to know what this thing is, but I beat it.
Walking around my local area with Wizard Unite reminded me of those first few weeks of Pokémon Go fever, when you’d see children and adults alike out on the streets at all times of day, catching monsters. I was the only one playing the game that I saw, but
I experienced some slowness and unreliability when I first tried the game, recalling the server issues that marred the launch of Pokemon Go, but by this morning it was zippy and stable.
The novelty will no doubt wear off, leaving Wizards Unite to Rowling mega-fans and the kinds of people who obsess over location-based gaming. In the meantime, get out this summer and give it a go.
One big read
Was This Viral Proposal Staged? Was This Viral Proposal Staged?
This story takes influencer culture to ridiculous new extremes.
One big tweet
Ellen Huet
hot Slack take from a friend: email sucks. new thing arrives -- better than email! and for a while, it is. more signal, less noise. but as more people use it, it feels more like a chore

turns out what's annoying isn't email, it's people asking you for stuff, which will never end
9:36 PM - 20 Jun 2019
That’s all for today...
Tomorrow I’ll be back with your weekend big reads. Catch you then.
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