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Big Revolution - As clear as a tweet

Welcome to Friday's newsletter. Let's dive straight in... — Martin from Big Revolution
June 7 · Issue #439 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Friday’s newsletter. Let’s dive straight in…
— Martin from Big Revolution

Big things you need to know today
  • Google’s Stadia game-streaming service will launch in November. It will be available in 14 countries, offering 31 games. However, while there is a subscription fee to use Stadia, users will only get Destiny 2 bundled with their package. You’ll have to buy other games from an online store before you can stream them.
  • Amazon’s Ring is using footage of a suspect in a crime in ads. There are clear ethical issues here, and the issue follows previous concerns that Ring is cultivating a fear of crime to sell its security cameras on the US market.
The big thought
Twitter. Credit: Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash
As clear as a tweet
In a week where community rules are under the spotlight thanks to the YouTube controversy, bravo to Twitter for announcing newly rewritten rules for its users.
The new layout is shorter, simpler, and clearer. As the company explains:
We’ve gone from about 2,500 words to under 600. In 280 characters or less, each rule clearly describes exactly what is not allowed on Twitter.
New categories — safety, privacy, and authenticity — mean our rules are organized thematically, so you can find the information you’re looking for more quickly.
We’re refreshing rule pages to have more information, including examples, step-by-step instructions about how to report, and details on what happens when we take action.
I’m reminded of this old tweet:
Joe Weisenthal
@AdamSerwer Every book should be an article. Every article should be a blog post. Every post should be a tweet. Every tweet should be an RT.
10:44 PM - 14 Jan 2015
In many cases, this is true. Focus on making your written communication as short, clear, and focused as possible. All too often people mistake a high word count and complex sentences for quality. It’s often quite the opposite.
In Twitter’s case, this should improve comprehension and reduce confusion about the rules it imposes on its users. But clear, simple rules are only effective if they’re enacted quickly and decisively. This is something Twitter has traditionally had problems with. Let’s hope that’s changed,too.
Journalism for Marketers: Video class
One big read
iPadOS impressions: flexible and powerful, but is it intuitive? iPadOS impressions: flexible and powerful, but is it intuitive?
How is iOS 13 looking when it comes to running an iPad like a full computer? The Verge takes a look.
One big tweet
Dave Lee
Massive security breach at Amazon event as animal rights campaigner gets onto the stage, few feet from Jeff Bezos. Carted off by a security team that will have plenty of explaining to do.
7:06 PM - 6 Jun 2019
That’s all for today...
Back tomorrow with your weekend big reads.
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