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Big Revolution - Appifying TV shows, TV-ifying apps

Welcome to Wednesday's Big Revolution.  Today, I'm chairing the University of Salford's SME Digital 4
June 20 · Issue #115 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Wednesday’s Big Revolution. 
Today, I’m chairing the University of Salford’s SME Digital 4.0 Conference all day. If you’d like me to chair or speak at your event, get in touch.
– Martin

Big things you need to know today
- Facebook now lets content creators build interactive quiz shows with live video. Not even HQ Trivia is safe from Facebook’s quest to acquire or kill every successful social app. More on this below.
- US mobile networks have vowed to stop selling customers’ location data. The practice has become increasingly toxic as the public became aware of just how easy it was for paying customers to locate them.
- Google has launched a podcast player for Android. This slick app has some handy features, like the ability to start listening on your phone, and then pick up on your Google Home later. Sadly, there are no plans for an iOS version.
- Amazon has launched a version of Alexa for hotels. This version has support for things like requesting room service and housekeeping.
- Ewwwww…. Facebook Messenger is getting video ads. I can’t imagine any users want this in the slightest.
- One thing I missed out yesterday: YouTube has launched its (latest take on a) Music service in a number of countries around the world, along with its Premium offering.
The big thought
Facebook's new gameshow format
Facebook's new gameshow format
Appifying TV shows, TV-ifying apps
A few years ago, back when ‘apps on your TV’ through boxes from companies like Roku, Amazon and Apple started to become a thing, I wrote a piece arguing that over time, TV shows would increasingly merge with apps. This, I said, would lead to TV producers making shows inherently interactive.
Earlier this week, as I played a game of HQ Trivia on my phone, I realised that this could be the start of what I predicted. Then yesterday, Facebook launched its own HQ-'inspired’ interactive video features. Just last week, we learned that Netflix would offer an interactive Minecraft adventure later this year.
Now, Facebook’s activity here could simply be an attempt to kill off HQ Trivia, (in fact, it’s definitely that!) and interest in these interactive quiz shows might not last, but let’s face it, it makes a lot of sense for TV to become increasingly app-ified. 
Those gameshows that make up a good chunk of daytime TV schedules could easily involve the viewers as contestants. They could even get the viewers involved in games alongside onscreen contestants via augmented reality. What if a mass audience collectively played a Telltale Games style interactive drama through voting on characters’ next actions? What if the next big Scandinavian detective show was made like that?
HQ Trivia already has the vibe of the kind of late-night gambling show UK viewers might stumble upon on their TV. Apps and TV are getting closer.
I can’t find that article I wrote a few years ago (if you find it, send me the link!) but in the years since it went out, I watched TV apps stay as little more than streaming media outlets. It was disappointing, to say the least. 
Maybe now things are going to start becoming more interesting.
One big read
The EU's bizarre war on memes is totally unwinnable The EU's bizarre war on memes is totally unwinnable
A look at the EU’s proposed copyright law that would likely kill off memes. It’s messy legislation, but will it go through?
One big tweet
Rising up against the machines. Or deliberately not rising up, at least…
Christopher Mims 🎆
I'm such a rebel I ignore my watch when it tells me to stand up and stretch
That’s all for today...
See you tomorrow – metaphorically, in your inbox, at least. Please help spread the word about Big Revolution – share this link with a friend, or on social media.
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