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Big Revolution - An eye for a fake

Welcome to Sunday's Big Revolution. Hop aboard, shipmates... – Martin
December 16 · Issue #294 · View online
Big Revolution
Welcome to Sunday’s Big Revolution. Hop aboard, shipmates…

Big things you need to know today
  • Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic Mini consoles are to be taken off sale after Christmas. The company wants you to subscribe to its Switch Online service, which includes a retro game service – albeit only featuring NES games for now.
Big weekend reads
How to recognize fake AI-generated images How to recognize fake AI-generated images
This is from a couple of weeks ago but has been updated in light of the latest example of super-convincing AI-generated faces this week. It’s a worthwhile read as you’ll soon need your wits about you to spot a fake.
How the Baby Shark song became the biggest meme of 2018
That annoying Baby Shark song wasn’t an accidental hit. It was part of a long-game masterplan from Korea’s Pinkfong to become the next Disney.
Why PewDiePie’s Anti-Semitic YouTube Jokes Don’t Hurt Him
“Kjellberg’s continued popularity lies not just in YouTube’s hands-off attitude toward his content, but also in the culture created and cultivated by the nature of the platform.”
The Last Independent Mobile OS
Sailfish is a competent mobile operating system, but there isn’t really space for it in the Western market. China and Russia, however, were crying out for a secure alternative to Google-centric Android.
22 predictions for social media in 2019
A collection of ideas for what we might see from the big social media firms over the next 12 months.
In praise of the inbox: letting email pick up the Slack
Here I’ve expanded on an article I wrote in this newsletter during the week.
That’s all for today...
See you tomorrow for a regular weekday edition.
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