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Big Revolution - An apology from the internet

Welcome to Sunday's Big Revolution. It's pretty quiet on the news front today, but I've made up for i
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Big Revolution
Welcome to Sunday’s Big Revolution. It’s pretty quiet on the news front today, but I’ve made up for it in good reads you definitely should spend some time with…

Big things you need to know today
- Sir Martin Sorrell has stepped down as CEO of advertising giant WPP. The move comes amid an investigation into alleged personal misconduct. Typical for a slick ad man, the news came out at 10pm on a Saturday night, when it would get the least amount of attention of any time in the week.
- Big tech companies aren’t doing enough to tackle election meddling, critics say. As BuzzFeed reports, this could be a big problem in the upcoming Indian elections.
- The Pentagon claimed Russian troll activity had increased 2,000% in light of the airstrikes on Syria. As Gizmodo points out, this is probably nonsense.
Big weekend reads
An Apology for the Internet — From the People Who Built It An Apology for the Internet — From the People Who Built It
This is a really good look at how the idealism of the people who shaped the internet, mixed with cold, hard business and and a few mistakes led to the messed up world we have today.
Smartphone Apps Know Too Much. We Need to Fix Permissions
Permission dialogs in phone apps are terrible, if you think about it. Sure, you need access to my location to show me a map – but what else are you doing with it?
Michael Cohen and the End Stage of the Trump Presidency
A really good read about how the investigation into Trump’s lawyer signals an endgame of sorts for the mounting pressure on the US President. Although, as Jeet Heer notes in this tweet thread, it might not mean the end of President Trump.
One big tweet
Click through for a good thread about tech companies and leaks.
Steven Sinofsky ॐ 🧘🏻‍♂️
1/ “Apple warns employees to stop leaking information to media” /news/articles/2018-04-13/apple-warns-employees-to-stop-leaking-information-to-media // Leaks are not fun for the Co. Many might read and think how awful/overbearing. That’s not really fair. Some thoughts…
10:00 PM - 14 Apr 2018
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