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Big Revolution - 'Age' of enlightenment?

Hello, first of all, an apology. Yesterday I mentioned an App Annie report about a bumper quarter for
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Big Revolution
Hello, first of all, an apology. Yesterday I mentioned an App Annie report about a bumper quarter for the app economy. The link was wrong – here’s the right one.
After yesterday’s Facebook-free edition, it’s a bit hard to avoid the company today!

Big things you need to know today
Zuckerberg's five-hour grilling
- Mark Zuckerberg appeared before US Congress in an epic five-hour Q&A session in the wake of concerns over how it handles user data. The Verge has the five biggest takeaways, or you can watch the full hearing (it starts about 40 minutes in).
- As for analysis, The Intercept thinks the Senate is afraid to govern and that’s good news for Facebook, while Zephyr Teachout in the Guardian says “it was designed to fail. It was a show designed to get Zuckerberg off the hook after only a few hours in Washington DC.”
- Meanwhile, it’s emerged that Cambridge Analytica may have had access to the private Facebook messages of up to 1,500 users.
- Spotify will soon revamp its free service to make it easier to use and more accessible, according to Bloomberg. The new version will supposedly give free users better access to playlists, similar to the paid version. This could be announced at the company’s event in two weeks’ time.
- The European Commission and the European Investment Fund have announced VentureEU, a new pan-European venture capital ‘funds-of-funds.’ It will raise €2.1 billion to invest in VC funds around Europe. reports this will benefit around 1,500 startups and scaleups.
- The percentage of US teenagers with an iPhone continues to grow, now at 82%, according to Piper Jaffray. There are no comparative figures for other parts of the world, but Android would fare far better in Europe.
The big thought
‘Age’ of enlightenment?
It was refreshing to see new research that shows the average age of a startup founder (when they start their company) is about 41.9 years of age among all startups that hire at least one employee. Among the top 0.1 percent of highest-growth startups, that average age moves up to 45 years old.
Listen to many Silicon Valley VCs, and they’ll tell you how they’re experts at 'pattern matching.’ Basically, they pick winners based on who’s won in the past. That’s a recipe for just investing in the same types of people over again, they become winners because other people like them have won in the past.
As Danny Crichton writes for TechCrunch, “the same reason why older founders are ignored by the ecosystem is the same reason why women and other minorities struggle in the Valley: It’s really not about what you build, but what you look like while building it.”
I suspect in some cases, younger entrepreneurs with less life experience are often more malleable by the more controlling end of the VC spectrum, too.
I once interviewed a bunch of people who first founded tech startups aged over 40. A common sentiment among them was they were glad they waited. 
One founder said: “Now I have emotional maturity and life experience. That helps with who to hire, what I want the culture of the company to be. I hate to think what 21-year-old me would have done in these situations, it would have been a trainwreck.”
So, if we’re finally getting around to addressing how fast and loose tech companies have played with our data, how about we address other misconceptions in tech, too?
One big read
Apple: Too many planes, not enough runways Apple: Too many planes, not enough runways
Why can’t Apple – of all companies – keep all its products up to date? Why is it still selling a highly out-of-date Mac Mini? This piece gives reasons that make a lot of sense, but it still seems crazy to me, especially considering Tim Cook is such a highly-regarded operator.
One big tweet
My former TNW colleague, Matt Navarra, is leaving the company to do his own thing. If you need a social media consultant who knows his stuff and then some, drop him a line. He’s highly regarded and will be in high demand.
Matt Navarra
Personal News Alert!

It's time for me to say goodbye to @thenextweb 😭

I've had 5 great years with my TNW family, but i need a new challenge.

My last day at TNW will be Friday 4 May.

So...What am I doing next?

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