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This Is Harming Your Productivity

There are a few things you’re doing almost daily that are harming your productivity. You may be aware
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This Is Harming Your Productivity
By Biggi Fraley • Issue #74 • View online
There are a few things you’re doing almost daily that are harming your productivity. You may be aware of them, or you may be living in denial. Let’s get real and examine these 8 things you’re doing that make for unproductive days.
Not Planning – If you are not sitting down and making plans based on your objectives and goals, then you are wasting time. There is no possible way to get things done without having a notion of the direction you need to take and what needs to be done first, and what comes next, and what comes last.
Rushing Around – If you find that you are often rushing around, especially in the morning, there are ways to stop this. Get more prepared the night before, get up a little earlier, and only do what needs to be done.
Using Screens with No Objective – If you look at your phone every time you feel it vibrate or hear it beep, and keep the TV running for background noise (ouch, that’s me!), you’re using these screens in a wasteful way. Try turning the devices off when you’re doing something else. Only use these screens for specific, immediate information.
Not Eating Right – If you are not eating a healthy diet, find yourself skipping meals, and especially if you eat a lot of fast food, you are ruining your ability to focus. Try eating meals that are high in nutrition and easy to make. A chopped veggie salad with roast chicken is an example of a fast and easy meal.
Avoiding Exercise – If you don’t get intentional exercise, and you have a sedentary job, you may be causing yourself to be less able to focus, understand directions, and have energy. Food is even more important than exercise in terms of your health, mentally and physically.
Not Getting Enough Down Time – If you’re not adding in planned breaks to your task list, you’re making a huge mistake that can cause you to get done slower. Your brain is not meant to work without breaks.
Doing Busy Work – Checking your email every thirty minutes is a poor use of time, but it can make you feel busy. Instead, check your email at specific times throughout the day and only then.
Not Understanding the Results – If you don’t know what “finished” looks like, it’s hard to reach that point. When you know what the goal or the final stage looks like, you can make more specific and clear plans to reach your goals.
When you know what results you are working toward, and you have developed a well thought out plan that looks at all the factors involved, and you avoid distractions in your life, you’ll get so much more done. Just changing one of these factors can boost your productivity exponentially. 
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