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The Easiest Way to Improve Your Digestion

Do you love easy to implement tips for improving your health that are simple yet have a great impact?
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The Easiest Way to Improve Your Digestion
By Biggi Fraley • Issue #29 • View online
Do you love easy to implement tips for improving your health that are simple yet have a great impact? Then check out my advice below on improving your digestion starting now!
Also tune into this week’s 🎤 podcast episode to learn how to stay healthy and keep your digestive system on track when travelling this holiday season!
And don’t miss next week’s free online event, The Autoimmune Revolution, because as you know, the first step in your health journey is education!
Enjoy! ❤️

New Podcast Episode: Happy & Healthy Travelling
Do you have travel plans during the upcoming holiday season? Then you will want to listen to this week’s TAC podcast episode, because, let’s face it; travelling has a lot of challenges.
Sleep, digestion and intestinal function can all suffer. So many symptoms, from puffy ankles to headaches and constipation, can occur. But the good news is that there are ways to prevent these issues from occurring
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Click the image to start listening to this week's episode now!
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And on we go with today’s quick tip on improving your digestion…
The Easiest Way to Improve Your Digestion
If you suffer from poor digestion, bloating, stomach aches, constipation or diarrhea, odds are there’s one thing you’re not doing.
The answer: chew your food more. So simple, right? Yet so often people rush through their meals and aren’t consciously chewing their food until it’s ready to enter the other digestive phases.
This is by far the simplest, most effective way to improve your digestion exponentially right away.
What most people don’t know is that the digestive process starts in the mouth. When we chew our food, the digestive enzyme amylase is released through our saliva and begins the process of breaking down starches. When the amylase doesn’t get time to interact with the food, it skips this important first step of the digestive process!
This is when you run into common problems like acid reflux, bloating and general digestive discomfort. A good rule of thumb is to chew each bite of food at least 30 times. Now, I’m not saying sit there and chew every bite of food that goes into your mouth for the rest of time. But it’s useful to get an idea of how long this really takes. For most people, this will likely double the amount of time you spend eating.
When you eat too quickly your body can’t catch up to let your brain know when you’re actually full. Slowing down helps you to only eat what your body needs and avoid the digestive discomfort that comes along with overeating.
In France, Spain and Italy it’s much more common to take your time eating. These cultures have lower incidence of modern diseases and digestive disorders than North America, as well as a lower incidence of obesity.
When you slow down and thoroughly chew every bite of food that enters your body it opens the space for more enjoyment and gratitude. These things might not seem important, but they’ll do more for your health than any green juice ever will.
[ACTION] So slow down, and start thoroughly enjoying every bite you eat, your belly will thank you. 
Starting Monday: The Autoimmune Revolution
The popular way conventional doctors treat autoimmune diseases is to prescribe immune-suppressing drugs — which is causing an even greater health crisis. Learn to treat the root cause of your pain, not just the symptoms!
Click image to register for FREE!
Click image to register for FREE!
If you have an autoimmune disease — Graves,’ Hashimoto’s, lupus, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, gluten-related disorders, IBS, psoriasis, Addison’s and others — your lifespan is likely a decade shorter than someone without disease.
Part of the problem lies in the way conventional medicine “treats” autoimmune disease with a pill, which has failed to achieve meaningful outcomes.
In fact, it has created an even greater health crisis, what Dr. Peter Osborne calls “The Prescription Pain Trap.” The physical, chemical and emotional pain these conditions create, and our failure to treat them properly, impacts millions around the world — it doesn’t have to be this way.
It’s time to prevent and reverse autoimmune diseases, so we can break this terrible cycle of pain to achieve greater health, improved happiness and longer life!
That’s it for this week. Hopefully, you got some great new ideas for improving your health and arthritis symptoms. As always, remember to give me your feedback below, so I can continue bringing you content you enjoy and use! 😘
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