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Productivity Is Not What You Think It Is

Many people think that being productive means that they get a superhuman amount of work done each day
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Productivity Is Not What You Think It Is
By Biggi Fraley • Issue #75 • View online
Many people think that being productive means that they get a superhuman amount of work done each day or that they mark off everything on their to-do list. But being productive isn’t about getting everything done or doing more than others. It’s about getting the tasks that matter, the tasks that affect things finished each day on time, well, and efficiently.
Know Your Goals – The best way to increase your productivity is to know your goals. Whether it’s work, personal, social, or something else entirely, if you know what your goals are, it’ll be easier to work toward those dreams that you have for your life.
Translate Goals to Plans – Once you know the results you want to achieve, then you will need to know how to translate those goals into plans. For example, if you’re going to start a business, you may want to make a list of the tasks that need to be completed to start a business. Put the list in order, determine what you’ll do, what someone else will do, and then get the tasks spread out over a reasonable amount of time and then do them.
Use Each Moment Fully – Once you have the plans in place in and your schedule for each day, you can easily tackle the tasks one at a time until you finish and have your results. Cut distractions, and you’ll get done faster.
Being Mindful – The one way that you can ensure that when you are doing tasks that you don’t let your mind wander and get off task is to learn mindfulness. There are many techniques from setting a timer, to being accountable to a coach, and more that can help you.
Celebrate Your Success – When you succeed, be sure to celebrate what you’ve accomplished. The more you celebrate being done with something, the more you’ll want to keep getting done without procrastination on time.
Prioritize Your Actions Based on The Results Needed – When you know what the results are that you need to be considered successful, you’ll be able to set your actions in the order required to be successful.
You can be productive in life at work and at home. While the two are slightly different, being productive in your entire life is essential. You want to be someone with a good work ethic at work, but you also want to do life well by being productive outside of work, too, such as with meal planning, learning new things, or traveling too. If you work toward setting smart goals and planning, you can be more productive throughout your life.
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