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How to Set Clear Boundaries

When saying “no”… …it’s really important to be very clear and straightforward. You don’t need to add
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How to Set Clear Boundaries
By Biggi Fraley • Issue #47 • View online
When saying “no”
…it’s really important to be very clear and straightforward. You don’t need to add an explanation or make an excuse or think of a long story about why you can’t make the party or go shopping or stay late in the office.
Work out what is important to you, what you can and can’t do, communicate this calmly and without emotion.
If you need time to get clear about what you want, be direct about that too. Tell the person you will get back to them.
When you’ve decided on your boundaries, don’t be evasive or drop hints. The more direct you can be the better.
If Sunday isn’t a good day or you don’t want a dog, you only have to say so. 
You must be straightforward or you will only have the conversation going in circles, and you’ll be tempted to give in and find yourself doing or having something you didn’t want. 
So, don’t give in and don’t give up! 😉

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