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[DO NOT MISS THIS] Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Sleep Problems - Do I Have a Treat for You!

Seriously, I am so excited about this opportunity! 😃 You know, I talk a lot about mindfulness, stress
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[DO NOT MISS THIS] Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Sleep Problems - Do I Have a Treat for You!
By Biggi Fraley • Issue #24 • View online
Seriously, I am so excited about this opportunity! 😃 You know, I talk a lot about mindfulness, stress management, breathing, and natural pain relief methods. Well, I just found the deal of a lifetime on a meditation app that is very well done. I’ve been playing with the free version for a few days, and am loving it! Go ahead take it for a spin, if you want.
Did you know, that lifetime subscriptions to the major meditation apps easily cost between $200 - $400? I had no idea! Now imagine, paying less than $30 for lifetime access to an ever-growing library of guided and unguided meditations and sounds in a beautifully designed app that’s available for iOS, Android, and on the web. (Their normal lifetime subscription price is $299!) Um, have I mentioned I am excited?
Curious? Good! The app is called Welzen, and it is available right here, but only through this Sunday, September 30, 2018!
But wait! Want to save another 15%, and only pay $25.50? Yes? Then, simply enter coupon code “SEPSAVE15” at checkout. (There’s a tiny promo code link on the right-hand side of the checkout page. Gees, I actually had to Google where to find it. 😉 )
You are welcome! 😘

Opportunities like this don't come around often. Get it before 9/30/2018!
Opportunities like this don't come around often. Get it before 9/30/2018!
9 Steps for Improving Gas, Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhea, and other Digestive Issues
Do you feel like your food is just sitting in your stomach for hours, or takes days to move through your digestive tract? Or is the opposite happening, and you are running to the bathroom before you have even finished your meal?
Or maybe, you are alternating between constipation and diarrhea. You are not alone! Today, I will be sharing steps you can take to alleviate the problem and improve your digestion.
This week's live stream was a hit! - Click image to view.
This week's live stream was a hit! - Click image to view.
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Register for FREE - Starts Monday!
And, off we go to today’s lesson and action plan for your health…
Can Collagen Benefit Arthritis Sufferers?
If you are taking a collagen supplement in order to reduce arthritis joint pain and inflammation, I have disappointing news for you. 😞
Numerous scientific studies have been unable to prove that collagen benefits arthritis sufferers.
However, collagen has so many wonderful benefits, that I still felt compelled to share my research with you, especially since collagen production decreases after age 40!
One of those benefits is that collagen supports the healing of leaky gut, which more often than not is an underlying cause for your arthritis as well as other autoimmune diseases.
What is Collagen?
Collagen is the most abundant protein found in our bodies.
It is practically “the glue” that holds everything together, as it is a major component in our connective tissues, bones, muscles, skin, and tendons.
As collagen decreases with age, our skin loses its elasticity causing wrinkles, and we may get joint pain due to weakened or decreased cartilage.
What are the Benefits of Collagen?
The most benefits from collagen can be derived from consuming it, rather than applying it topically (ie skin cream). When you do supplement with collagen, it is important to combine it with vitamin C, in order to increase your body’s ability to absorb and fully utilize the collagen.
#1: Brain and Alzheimer’s Protection
#2: Prevent and Help Treat Heart Disease
#3: Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome
#4: Ease Joint and Knee Pain
#5: Less Back Pain
#6: Improve Skin Elasticity
#7: Say Goodbye to Brittle, Broken Nails
What Decreases Collagen Production?
As I mentioned above, collagen production naturally decreases with age, but other lifestyle factors can also cause a decrease.
Examples are 🚭 smoking, too much sun exposure (UV radiation), stress, a lack of sleep, and a diet high in sugar.
And even a vitamin C deficiency can cause decrease of collagen production, as the body is unable to absorb the collagen efficiently.
What Increases Collagen Production?
Now you may be wondering what you can do to increase the production of collagen, and thankfully, there are ways to stimulate collagen production naturally:
  1. Vitamin C
  2. Lysine and proline
  3. Vitamin B3
  4. Vitamin A
  5. Exercise
  6. Royal Jelly
  7. Aloe Vera
  8. Silicon
5 Perfect Summer Collagen Recipes
[ACTION] How Can I Include Collagen in My Diet?
Supplementation is not the only answer to get more collagen in your diet. There are also many food choices that contain high amounts of collagen.
Pick one of the foods below to include in your diet this week, even if you are already eating some of these. Dare to try something new! 😎
(For me that will be pumpkin seeds. I’ll try them sprinkled on my salad.)
Bone Broth
Wild salmon
Leafy greens like kale and spinach
Chia seeds
Pumpkin seeds
How to Make Homemade Bone Broth
What Makes a Good Quality Collagen Supplement?
Not only is it essential to have many different sources to get the highest quality supplement, but it is also vital to know what those sources are. Look for things like “grass fed” bovine collagen or “cage-free” egg collagen, to know how good the source that the collagen comes from is. ~ DR. CHAD LARSON
What Makes a Good Quality Collagen?
What Makes a Good Quality Collagen?
That’s it for this week. Hopefully, you got some great new ideas for improving your health and arthritis symptoms. As always, remember to give me your feedback below, so I can continue bringing you content you enjoy and use! 😘
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