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5 Amazing Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

It's the season to get cozy and treat yourself, so why not try out some lavender oil? I am sharing so
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5 Amazing Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil
By Biggi Fraley • Issue #32 • View online
It’s the season to get cozy and treat yourself, so why not try out some lavender oil? I am sharing some of the amazing benefits this essential oil offers, as well as some magical ideas for using it in your everyday life.
Also tune into this week’s 🎤 podcast episode where I talk about the subject of organic living beyond food, and the benefits we reap not just for our health, but the environment as well!
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Read on, and enjoy! ❤️

Can you smell it?
Can you smell it?
New Podcast Episode: Why Organic Living Is Important
Organic living is important to your health and the environment for many reasons. The chemicals found in many products cause long term damage to your health (including increasing the likelihood of cancer), and harm the environment by releasing pollutants to the air and water.
Listen to this week’s episode to take a closer look at why organic living is important!
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Click image above to start listening now!
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And on we go with today’s quick tip on exercise and gut health…
5 Amazing Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil
One of the most basic and primary essential oils you should have on hand is lavender oil.
The aroma from lavender oil is heavenly and is great to diffuse in your home; you only need about 3-4 drops.
You can also apply it to your hands, wrists, chest, neck, and feet. Some people find it best to dilute 2-3 drops of the oil with 1-2 drops of water when applying directly to the skin.
You can also apply some to your hand, then cup both hands around your mouth and breathe deeply. Inhalation of lavender essential oil can be very therapeutic.
One of my favorite ways to benefit from lavender oil is from tea. Pour a couple of drops into your tea or brew a lavender blend for a wonderful relaxing treat.
Using these methods of application, lavender essential oil can:
1.    Help You Sleep
Lavender oil has a soothing aroma that can ease insomnia and help you get an overall restful sleep at night.
2.    Relieve Anxiety
Using lavender oil can have a calming and relaxing effect that eases tension from stress, nervousness, and anxiety.
3.    Ease Pain From Minor Burns
Putting a few drops of lavender oil on a minor burn can help ease the pain from the burn, lower swelling, and even help guard against blistering.
4.    Moisturize Your Skin
Get relief from dry, chapped, sunburned, or eczema skin problems with the smoothing and moisturizing effects of lavender oil.
5.    Clean and disinfect minor cuts/wounds
Lavender oil helps to stop bleeding of minor cuts and scrapes. It is also an anti-bacterial so it will clean and disinfect these wounds as well. Apply 2-3 drops to the infected area.
[ACTION] Get Started with Essential Oils
It’s simple getting started with essential oils. Pick up a bottle of organic lavender oil at your local health food store, and start experimenting with some of the simple tips above or check the additional ideas below! 👇
Magical Lavender Oil Recipes to Try Out
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That’s it for this week. Hopefully, you got some great new ideas for improving your health and arthritis symptoms. As always, remember to give me your feedback below, so I can continue bringing you content you enjoy and use! 😘
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