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Monthly minutes of self-reflection - Issue #4


May 28 · Issue #4 · View online

Monthly minutes of self-reflection #coachingblog

Recently I read this post on social media. A colleague of mine, coach herself, was pretty hard on coaches that don’t have their own shit together. She wrote she would ‘never pick a coach to work with that didn’t have it all.’ The money. The clients. The fit body. The good relationship. The vibrant sex life. ‘How could you ever attain the perfect life, if you were trained by a coach that doesn’t have made it him- or herself’?, she wrote. Perfectly understanding that her ambition was to challenge the audience, responses of all kinds came up below her post. I even smiled while scrolling further down the page, briefly reflecting on how she succeeded in getting the return she aimed for. My conclusion? Smart move.
Nevertheless, I kept thinking about it. Why? Because, if it were true that coaches need to have it all, it would make me a lousy coach. And I’m not. On the contrary.
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