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Monthly minutes of self-reflection - Issue #3


April 11 · Issue #3 · View online

Monthly minutes of self-reflection #coachingblog

Every Tesla driver will know the phenomenon. When on adaptive cruise control or autopilot, your car mistakes a road sign for a person or is triggered by a truck slightly crossing the line and suddenly brakes. Where the brain of your car detects a possible threat and by consequence supports you in avoiding calamities, in fact there’s nothing there. Your unexpected decelerating nothing but an unnecessary annoyance to yourself and to the car behind you. Frustration at both sides. Spoiled energy. Not to mention the potential risk it causes. That is if the one on your backside is too close of course. Or not paying attention. Which he shouldn’t (the first). And should (the second). Nevertheless, one could say, in those cases you can be too safe.
Enough about cars right now.
How often does it happen to you in real life? Braking when there’s nothing to brake for? Impacting not only yourself but also the people around you? My estimated guess is that it’s happening more than you might think.
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PHANTOM BRAKING (Never tailgate a Tesla)
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