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The Sanctuary - Issue #1

The Light Field
The Sanctuary - Issue #1
By Bība with love • Issue #1 • View online
Hello Light Tribe ✨

It is beginning!
Thank you all for being part of this unfolding journey. Announcing the premiere event of my new Audio Art track: 2021. I will share it in public for the first time on Dec 17 in Decentraland, (for people new to web3 it is an interactive metaverse.)
2021 - A ritual for our time is based on a true story
When I first learnt about NFTs I saw how I was going to manifest a vision that had been in the background of my life and work for many years. Suddenly everything made sense, and my calling of connecting people in a light field and anchoring it on earth became possible.
THIS IS THE FIRST SEED of that vision. An audio track, sharing the ritual of the beginning. I see this as a life long project for me blurring the lines of art and awakening.
This track is something to be experienced and witnessed together so I personally invite you to be at the premiere at The Speakerheads - Metaverse Music Festival. Setup your account early as it can take time to load and prepare. ENTER HERE (Festival starts Dec 17 Syd 9am / NZ 11am / LA 2pm / NY 5pm / Lon 10pm / Ams 11pm / Cape Town midnight / Dec 18 Turkey 1am)
PS Read below about a special timeless gift for all attendees.
2021 by Bība (Genesis NFT Audio - Auction Coming Soon)
2021 by Bība (Genesis NFT Audio - Auction Coming Soon)
Mark the moment
Everyone who attends the 2021 launch ritual and the NFT auction events in December will be able to claim a limited edition free NFT. This will let the world know that you were here in this moment to plant the seed, as part of the light field, etched into the blockchain forever. Look out for the link to claim in the chats during the events.
Thank you!
See you in the metaverse…
Biba, with love xo
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Bība with love

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