The Light Field

By Bība with love

Perfect moment to start something big





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The Light Field
Perfect moment to start something big
By Bība with love • Issue #4 • View online
Welcome to 2022 - the official beginning of my vision for year 2222. Yes - 200 years into the future!

2021 we planted a symbolic seed on Dec 21 the Solstice
The Emerald Seed is the first ritual of this vision unfolding. For me it’s a longterm commitment to create the first blockchain community dedicated to anchoring a light matrix on the earth and bringing light to the metaverse. And carrying that forward for at least 200 years. I have a detailed Light Paper which I will share in due course. For now, this organic collective, I see growing from within each of us who chooses to be part of the movement, in any form that feels right.
To begin please take 5 minutes to listen to the ritual here. 2021/The harmonizing of Earth Energy, Humans + Technology with Love. And with your intention see this Light Field strengthening. It is our thoughts which create our realities.
Click image to listen to the Emerald Seed Ritual
Click image to listen to the Emerald Seed Ritual
108 Emerald Keys - Music NFTs
108 is a sacred number in many traditions and more commonly known as the number of beads in a mala necklace used for counting meditation mantras. Each Emerald Key is a connection to the other. To engage in this project at a deeper level you are invited to collect an Emerald Key for yourself, there are only 108 and at the time of minting were US$108 each.
It is my intention that this audio track be held by many people, not just one person. So the network effect begins.
This is a blockchain native project, and this vision is made possible by this technology. It’s very early stages, and we will learn and grow together. No pressure I’m grateful to have you on the Light Tribe email list and will share more ways to be involved as we move forward.
...but I don't know how to buy an NFT
If you want to jump into the future and collect your first NFT, please reply to this email and we can walk through it.
In a sentence GO SLOWLY. First download the Coinbase Wallet, purchase some Ethereum with a card (about $100 more than you need to cover gas/transaction fees), and then login to OpenSea - you will be asked to connect your wallet, once connected - then the transaction can happen when you click Buy Now. Ensure the gas fees are around $80 or less before accepting.
It is a bit of a process and a learning curve. I appreciate this and will support you in anyway I can.
Thanks for your energy and light,
Biba with love xo
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Bība with love

✨ Gathering the light tribe for a mission unlike any other. This light field is created by the collective. Are you in?

💚108 Emerald Keys - Inner Circle
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