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GM / First We Meditate minted on Zora

The Light Field
GM / First We Meditate minted on Zora
By Bība with love • Issue #6 • View online
Presenting my first audio visual guided meditation collectible - auction is now live!

I created two 11.11 audio visual guided meditations inspired by and for the NFT Community these are mindful healing experiences to help us recalibrate our energy and hearts into a unified field while we navigate late pandemic life. Called GM and GN.
To me my creations are sacred art, touching into the most intimate of human experience bringing a delicate energy shift in perception of our beingness. We are ALL whole ALWAYS, we just drift away from that truth at times. GM and GN are both simple yet dynamic gifts to reconnect.
The first audio visual GM 1/1 was listed for auction on Zora on the full moon when there is the most light in the darkness.
The experience is part healing part performance art. I recorded it live unscripted and produced the soundscape with synth pads, frequencies & healing instruments.
The science of sound healing and the power of our own personal hum is embedded in the experience. This art of sounding has an immediate effect on the nervous system and the attunement stage is rooted in somatic embodiment practice.
Click to preview GM / First We Meditate Watch Full 11.11 on Zora
Click to preview GM / First We Meditate Watch Full 11.11 on Zora
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