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Can you identify these saints?

Black History Quiz
Can you identify these saints?
By Jim Stroud • Issue #11 • View online
Black History Quiz is a weekly celebration of the contributions and achievements of Africans and their descendants in the United States and around the world. PLEASE SHARE this newsletter and help spread the word about a proud people and their culture.

Can you name the saints?
Can you name the saints?
Information on the Saints above:
  1. He was the 1st black canonized by the Catholic Church in modern times. He is the patron saint of interracial relations, social justice, public education & health care, barbers & hairdressers, people of mixed race.
  2. He was the son of African slave parents, but was freed at an early age. When about 21 he was insulted because of his color, but his patience and dignified bearing caused a group of Franciscan hermits, who witnessed the incident, to invite him to join their group. He eventually became their leader. In 1564 he joined the Franciscan friary in Palermo and worked in the kitchen until 1578, when he was chosen superior of the group. He carried through the adoption of stricter interpretation of the Franciscan rule. His feast day is in April.
  3. She was the first African woman to be canonized by the Roman Catholic Church in the 21st Century.
  4. She was an African princess kidnapped at 10 years old by Spanish sailors. After discovering she was royalty, they sold her as a slave to a wealthy family. She attempted to enter a Convent but her desire was refused by all the convents of Madrid because she was black. Finally, she was accepted by the Convent of the Dominican Sisters of the Third Order of Saint Mary Magdalene. However, the bishop of Salamanca would only allowed her to enter the convent as a maid. Eventually she was admitted to the community and received the habit.
  5. He vowed to be “the slave of slaves” forever. He lived his ordained life in Cartagena, Colombia where he ministered, physically and spiritually, to slaves. He converted a reported 300,000.
  6. He was an Ethiopian of great physical strength and unruly character. He became the leader of a gang of robbers and lived a life of violence. He was converted and joined the monks in the desert of Sketis. When he was chosen for priesthood, his bishop said, “Now the black man is made white.” He replied, “Only outside, for God know I am still dark within.” He was killed during a raid by Berbers on the monastery, which he refused to defend.
  7. Born in Thagaste (Northern Africa) about 331, she was a devout Christian and an obedient disciple of St. Ambrose. Through her patience, gentleness and prayers she converted her pagan husband. To her son, St. Augustine of Hippo whom she loved dearly, she gave thorough religious training during his boyhood, only to know the disappointment of seeing him later scorn all religion and live a life of disrepute. Before her death however, she had the great joy of knowing that Augustine had returned to God and was using all his energies to build Christ’s Church, and that her youngest daughter had become a nun.
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Black History Quiz is a weekly celebration of the contributions and achievements of Africans and the descendants of the diaspora in the United States and around the world. PLEASE SHARE this newsletter and help spread the word about a proud people and their cultures. New issues post on Sundays at 7:30 am EST. |

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