Beyond Borders | Myanmar On Our Minds, Online Spaces and Food Choices



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Beyond Borders | Myanmar On Our Minds, Online Spaces and Food Choices
By Reporting ASEAN • Issue #3 • View online
As summer kicks in across Southeast Asia, its political temperatures have been rising too, whether in Myanmar, Thailand or the Philippines.
In this issue, our Myanmar articles look into how Asean needs to find a way to use diplomacy to save lives, and how Singaporeans find that country’s crisis quite distant although Singaporean products are the target of an ongoing boycott.
We tell you too about what our survey in our #fighttheinfodemic series shows: Southeast Asians rate themselves highly in judging the reliability of news, but differ on how to handle unverified content, including around COVID-19. Our data visualizations allow us to step back and take a one-year perspective at how Southeast Asia responded to the pandemic through various stringency measures.
We have a feature that looks at how plant-based or plant-rich foods are picking up in the region and shows you how yes, what you food on your plate does matter for our sick planet.
Our Q&A in the #mediaonmedia set checks in on the Philippines’ largest broadcaster ABS-CBN, eight months after it lost its operating franchise in the country’s polarized political environment.
Coming soon: A look at Myanmar’s embattled media, along with an interview with a journalist’s group in that country, plus a chat with Lao Youth Radio.
Johanna Son
Editor/Founder - Reporting ASEAN

We, the women! Click on for photos for women's day in March.
We, the women! Click on for photos for women's day in March.
1 Survey Says? It's Complicated
Keep Quiet or Speak Up When Someone Sends Unverified Content? Tough.
2 Myanmar On Our Minds
To Mediate In Myanmar, ASEAN Needs A New Template
Anger in Myanmar, But Crisis Distant to Singaporeans
3 COVID-19, A Year On
How did Southeast Asia Respond?
Plant-based Food Finds Its Way Into Post-pandemic Menu
Yes, What You Put On Your Plate Matters
4 #mediaonmedia
The Philippines' ABS-CBN Network: ‘Shutdown Fast-tracked Our Digital Transformation’
5 Clickworthy
Preparing for the Dark
For Some The Nightmare Has Returned, But for Ethnic People It Never Stopped
China and Russia Are Beating the West at Vaccine Diplomacy
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