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BevTech - Issue #19 - Buzzword alert! Is the future of drinks the Metaverse and NFTs

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Tech innovations touching the wine, spirits and beer industries.

There is more to BevTech than the metaverse and NFT’s but it is a trending right now. The Bored Apes just jumped into the game! Consumer knowledge of the metaverse is rising and brands are engaging…but who is enhancing the experience and the consumer relationship?
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What's your Whisky?
What’s Your Whisky powered by Vivanda.  See acquisition story below
What’s Your Whisky powered by Vivanda. See acquisition story below
Report: consumer perception of Metaverse | Restaurant Dive
The Metaverse: Alcohol Beverage Industry’s Next Marketing Frontier?
A Macallan Cask NFT Sold For $2.3 Million. What Does This Mean For Whisky Collectors?
Bringing NFTs and DeFito the masses
Diageo acquires Vivanda, owner of flavour matching technology behind ‘What’s Your Whisky’
Where ideas and people meet |
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