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BevTech - Issue #18 - Wine to water & Whisky fueled vehicles

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Tech innovations touching the wine, spirits and beer industries.

Welcome back from our short break. For those wondering where we went…my wife and I had our first child!
So I thought our first newsletter back would feature some fun and whacky articles. Enjoy the peak of your summer with a few funky innovations! Turn wine into water! With inflation gas is getting pretty expensive, so good thing researchers are working on ways we can fuel our cars with Whisky! Don’t drive? Do your cubicle mate a favor and try some deodorant made from liquor. Now you can explain why you smell like an Old Fashion at your team’s morning stand up.
As always please contact me if I can help your startup or help a startup you love! I’m also a Startup Grind Chapter Director (join the community), Wefunder Venture Partner (learn more), and Angel Investor (pitch Tres Win). Share you insights with us at @drinkubator_

Whisky fueled car? Celtic Renewables is converting Whisky by-products into biofuel.
The Simpsons - Alcohol fueled car
The Simpsons - Alcohol fueled car
Whisky is fueling more than bar fights now!
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