By Michael Thaney

BevTech - Issue #15 - In Progress





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Tech innovations touching the wine, spirits and beer industries.

Excited for Super Bowl weekend? This is a huge moment for beverage brands to launch new marketing campaigns to delight and excite consumers. Traditional TV advertisements are one-way communications. But digital enables brands to enable interactive experiences, see how Miller Life is tapping the Metaverse!
As always please contact me if I can help your startup or help a startup you love! I’m also a Startup Grind Chapter Director (join the community), Wefunder Venture Partner (learn more), and Angel Investor (pitch Tres Win). Share you insights with us at @drinkubator_

Miller Lite has partnered with Decentraland to create the Meta Lite Bar in the metaverse. Check it out for the Super Bowl this weekend to see exclusive content from Miller Lite. First draft API is on me….wait I mean IPA!
Check out this walk through from Luke Hurd YouTube channel.
Miller Lite - Meta Lite Metaverse Bar in Decentraland
Miller Lite - Meta Lite Metaverse Bar in Decentraland
Check out Meta Lite Bar! @MillerLite has created a metaverse bar experience for the Super Bowl on @decentraland
A robot bartender that serves up cocktails in 90 seconds will be on duty at the Winter Olympics as organizers seek to keep a lid on COVID-19
Three Retail Technologies to Watch at NRF 2022 | Chain Store Age
Online sales may be coming soon to Utah liquor stores
This Curbside Sommelier Recommends Bottles and Delivers Wine Right to Your Doorstep in LA
Cana Technology raises glass to new capital as it readies beverage printer for market – TechCrunch
Gopuff Preparations for IPO - Bloomberg
InvestBev Group Raising Their 3rd Fund at $50M for Adult Beverage and Cannabis Investing
Texas woman’s Napa-made ultrapremium box wine gets $9M investment
Startup Grind - Conference Time!
Startup Grind’s Global Conference is now April 12-13, 2022. Get your ticket here
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Invest in GoBeep: Blockchain Brewery Club | Wefunder
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