By Michael Thaney

BevTech - Issue #14 - NFTeasers





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Tech innovations touching the wine, spirits and beer industries.

We are seeing a lot of brands like Robert Mondavi and Bud getting into the crypto game with NFT launches. Funding in bev alc and ecommerce is hot according to Crunchbase.
As always please contact me if I can help your startup or help a startup you love! I’m also a Startup Grind Chapter Director (join the community), Wefunder Venture Partner (learn more), and Angel Investor (pitch Tres Win). Share you insights with us at @drinkubator_

Robert Mondavi Winery
GM! We’ve partnered with @bernardaud to mint 1,966 porcelain wine bottles offered exclusively through one-of-a-kind NFTs available for purchase starting December 15, 2021. Visit to learn more.
We are seeing more brands launching NFT Collections. I wonder is now is a good time to dust off the 2003 Genny Light 30 pack sitting in my parents basement and see if how much the digital version of that is worth. Where do you think the BevTech industry will get the most value out of crypto? Share your thoughts with us!
Beverage alcohol brands are launching NFT collections. Where do you think brands will get the most value from crypto projects in 2022? by 2030?
Welcome to the Robert Mondavi® x Bernardaud® NFT Collection
Venture funding for bevtech and digital native bev-alcohol brands are on the rise. Looking forward to seeing what will come in 2022.
Venture Funding To Booze Startups Boomed This Year, But Will The Buzz Linger? – Crunchbase News
DRAM Agency - Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Launches New Digital Marketing Company
Invest in Border X Brewing | Wefunder
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