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BevTech - Issue #13 - Seltzer Night Live

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Tech innovations touching the wine, spirits and beer industries.

Seltzer is here to stay, but is the high grow of the category over? There seems to be a new brand launching every day. Even Saturday Night Live has created a skit on the seltzer craze being over done at this point. Tag us in the next innovation you see in beverage tech on Twitter @drinkubator_
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Please Don't Destroy – Hard Seltzer - SNL
Please Don't Destroy – Hard Seltzer - SNL
NFTs are entering the spirits world. Metacask is barreling forward in the crypto space. Do you want to own some digital whiskey
NFT Tied to Rare Whiskey Cask Auctions for $2.3M
Metacask | The Marketplace for Whisky Cask NFTs
SaaS Fundraising Handbook - IVP
Invest in Troop
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