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BevTech - Issue #11 - Crypto beer

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Tech innovations touching the wine, spirits and beer industries.

Budweiser is in the NFT game now? Soft drink brands are crossing over into bev-alc? Data is driving consumer experiences in digital and in the bottle.
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AB Inbev is going crypto. Will this open up a world for beverage brands to build deeper relationships with their loyal consumers and let them own part of the brand?
Budweiser Buys Beer.eth Domain Name for 30 ETH, Rocket NFT for 8 ETH - CoinDesk
Meanwhile soft drink brands are building partnerships to launch hard seltzers and trying to claim their piece of the seltzer pie. Can I say seltzer pie?
Alcoholic Mountain Dew Seltzer Is Coming in 2022 |
Coca-Cola reveals early learnings from Topo Chico Hard Seltzer launch
How are brands leveraging data? AI can help with the flavors as well as consumer’s digital experience optimization.
AI wine tasting tech 'Tastry' hits Europe this year
Dragonfly AI | Data-informed design
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Invest in Lonerider Spirits, LLC: Innovative spirits for outlaws, by outlaws. | Wefunder
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