By Michael Thaney

Tech innovations touching the wine, spirits and beer industries.

Tech innovations touching the wine, spirits and beer industries.

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BevTech - Issue #19 - Buzzword alert! Is the future of drinks the Metaverse and NFTs

There is more to BevTech than the metaverse and NFT's but it is a trending right now. The Bored Apes just jumped into the game! Consumer knowledge of the metaverse is rising and brands are engaging...but who is enhancing the experience and the consumer relat…


BevTech - Issue #18 - Wine to water & Whisky fueled vehicles

Welcome back from our short break. For those wondering where we wife and I had our first child!So I thought our first newsletter back would feature some fun and whacky articles. Enjoy the peak of your summer with a few funky innovations! Turn wine…


BevTech - Issue #17 - Valuations in BevTech and Low-code movement

So what is low-code?


BevTech - Issue #16 - Wear are we, Wear are we going???

Hey BevTechnicians! I thought after the Superbowl product launches with NFTs and Crypto commercials we would take a short break from NFT stories. I did love the Coinbase commercial though (see ad).Wearables can track everything! Now we are seeing a few star…


BevTech - Issue #15 - In Progress

Miller Lite has partnered with Decentraland to create the Meta Lite Bar in the metaverse. Check it out for the Super Bowl this weekend to see exclusive content from Miller Lite. First draft API is on me....wait I mean IPA!


BevTech - Issue #14 - NFTeasers

CRYPTO We are seeing more brands launching NFT Collections. I wonder is now is a good time to dust off the 2003 Genny Light 30 pack sitting in my parents basement and see if how much the digital version of that is worth. Where do you think the BevTech industr…


BevTech - Issue #13 - Seltzer Night Live

NFTs are entering the spirits world. Metacask is barreling forward in the crypto space. Do you want to own some digital whiskey


BevTech - Issue #12 - Changing Consumer Motivations

This edition we look at the consumer. How their motivations and expectations are changing and what design trends are emerging. I'm excited to see how emerging tech can help solve these evolving consumer needs.As always please contact me if I can help your sta…


BevTech - Issue #11 - Crypto beer

AB Inbev is going crypto. Will this open up a world for beverage brands to build deeper relationships with their loyal consumers and let them own part of the brand?


BevTech - Issue #10 - Enterprise Architecture for the win!

In this edition we get insights from Coca-Cola Enterprise Architect, learn about omni-channel and data insights from Provi. Sony, GoPuff and Constellation Brands are making investments! AB InBev launch an accelerator and WeStock is hosting a pitch competitio…


BevTech - Issue #9 - Ever race a proghorn

Brewing Up The FutureHow are beverage alcohol brands brewing up the future? Listen to Pedro Earp CMO AB InBev, Head of ZX Ventures on this podcast by Venture Fuel - press play


BevTech - Issue #8 - 100 days of summer start now!

Is Miller launching a Hard Seltzer this summer? Watch this clip to find out!


BevTech - Issue #7 - Welcome Back!!!

Learn more about Brand Foundry Ventures, the VC that just investing in Two Robbers, and how they help brands.


BevTech - Issue #6


BevTech - Issue #5


BevTech - Issue #4


BevTech - Issue #3


BevTech - Issue #2


Techstars Startup Digest - BevTech - Issue #1

Hi BevTech lovers, Wanna know what are the tech innovations touching the Wine, Spirits and Beer industry? Below you will find a selection of articles on innovations coming from startups, SMB's and even corporations. Looking forward to receiving your feedback …