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Be Better Creating - Issue #4: Notion News

Simon @ Better Creating
Simon @ Better Creating
Hi everyone, and welcome to all you new subscribers and template owners. As always you can unsubscribe at anytime from these occasional snippets on creative productivity & intentional living.
This issue is focused solely on Notion including:
  • Block x Block Summit + Cameo!
  • My New Financial Tracker + Discounts
  • Life OS Template Updates & Synced Block Menu
  • The Notion API & Future Builds
So… Let’s discuss The Notion News.

Notion’s 1st Summit: Block x Block
Notion held their first Summit last month, Block x Block. There was even a tiny cameo from me right next to Thomas Frank talking about the API on Ivan’s Keynote presentation. #wins. Sorry… it was a bit of niche excitement for me! Watch Ivan’s Keynote here for more on what’s to come (and spot me around 09:08). Check out the rest of the Notion channel for loads more productive fun direct from Notion. You could even say I sent you!
Keynote: What's new and what's to come (Block x Block)
Keynote: What's new and what's to come (Block x Block)
My New Financial Tracker
This week I shared my new Financial Tracker template: something many of us have been wanting to add to our systems. Check out the video tour on YouTube below and let me know your thoughts on how to develop it further in the comments.
If like to download the template / add it to your existing Life OS template I’ve added a discount code just for you lot to show my appreciation for your support! Use newscrewjuly21 at checkout for a good ol’ discount. It’s available to the first 100 people on this mailing list who download it. Check out the download HERE.
If you recently downloaded the Financial Tracker and are interested in adding the wider Life OS template, drop me an email and I’ll arrange a discount for you too.
A Financial Notion: How I Budget in Notion (Set-up & Template Tour)
A Financial Notion: How I Budget in Notion (Set-up & Template Tour)
Life OS Template Updates & Synced Menu
Lots of you have been asking whether I’ll be offering other updates to the life management templates since my videos on the API and the new Synced block features that Notion released.
The quick answer is, yes I will be.
You will be able view those via the link you were sent if you downloaded a Life OS and I’ll let you know when it’s ready here soon. However, due to the nature of Notion - because you have duplicated the template and then added your own content to it - there is no way for me to automatically update your system for you. So, I would suggest a) duplicating a second copy, and using it as a guide to update your own, or b) following the videos to add the changes - simple enough i hope!
A good place to start is using a synced block to add this quick navigation menu to your system as follows:
📥 ✅ | 📔 | 📷 |💡| 📚 | 🔖 | 🎯 | 🌗 | 💸
  1. copy and paste this menu bar into your system
  2. turn it into a synced block
  3. add the page links to the icons by highlighting the icon and selecting the page link
  4. Use the ‘Copy & Sync’ button on the block to then paste it to any page or template page for quick navigation. More instructions on my synced block video.
Notion API & Future Notion Builds
Pepper seems interested in automation. Or I’m holding food…
Pepper seems interested in automation. Or I’m holding food…
It’s been quite a month of changes and developments on the Notion platform, with the API launched in Beta, Google Calendar integrations now available, and the addition of Synced Blocks.
The API opens up a whole new world of possibilities for syncing and integrating our Notion system with hundreds of other applications and platforms. I believe this is like apple allowing app developers into the app store: those who code will now be able to harness the power of the API to develop bespoke widgets and add on functionality. 
I recommend looking into the free and paid plans offered by Zapier,, or integromat: I’m hoping to collabroate with one of these providers soon to create some specific examples for us to use the API with our Notion systems. I’m actually using the free service on Zapier to run my mailing list updates, and then to play around with Google calendar sync. A good way to get more automations for free!
Let me know on the channel community page what future Notion builds or API integrations you’d like to see on the channel. Always good to hear your suggestions.
Videos on my hitlist at the moment are:
  • a study / referencing aid to log quotes and sources like a bespoke knowledge bank.
  • A Todoist/Notion or perhaps Drafts/Notion API integration to harness the power of their pleasing interfaces with the central hub of a Notion productivity system.
Thanks everyone, and hello from Barcelona, where I’ve finally managed to travel to for some theatre work! Speak soon.
Simon ✌️
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Simon @ Better Creating
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