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Be Better Creating - Issue #2: why my journal is Priority 1.



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Simon @ Better Creating
Simon @ Better Creating
Journaling has become the 1 habit I’m trying to keep. Maybe it should be for you too…

Me. Not journaling.
Me. Not journaling.
Hi everyone, issue #2: and thanks for clicking. Welcome to all the new people: you can unsubscribe at any time: who am i too keep you from decluttering!
But no, please stay.
Why You NEED To Journal
I’ve always found it difficult to keep a regular journal - let alone how to know what to write when faced with that intimidating blank page. The thing is; it’s worth the effort: researching my How To Journal Notion video this week I’ve been blown away by learning the impact and benefits that come from just 5 or 10 minutes written reflection a day. Check out this article from the Daily Stoic:
The Art of Journaling: How To Start Journaling, Benefits of Journaling, and More
Studies by Harvard, Stamford and Cambridge universities revealed regular reflection and journaling has a dramatic impact on performance, productivity, physical and phycological health, and your communication. The question remains thou: how to overcome the resistance and make the habit stick. Well what has worked for me has been a similar system to a Method my theatre company uses to create work: Building Blocks: small, simple steps, based on encouragement and success, that accumulate to become much more. The thing is: this approach to journaling and thinking was invented a little earlier than when I was alive: by the Stoics in the 3rd century BC!
Stoic Inspiration & Prompted Reflection
If you haven’t heard of the Stoics or Stoicism here’s a quick run down:
Marcus Aurelius, often referred to as the philosopher emperor, is a famous stoic philosopher and known as the last good emperor of Rome. The practice of journaling was what enabled Marcus Aurelius to think more clearly and live a more virtuous life: and it can do the same thing for us.
Many of his journal entries were recovered and curated into a single book called Meditations. It’s on Amazon. Obvs.
Stoicism - Wikipedia
Marcus Aurelius’ approach was to create prompts that guided him through reflections, rather than starting from nothing - this is a brilliant way to approach creative thinking and personal reflection.
As Reggie Paquette says in his blog post below: Some popular areas to focus on that Marcus Aurelius used are:
  • Topics for Gratitude - for example reflecting on the value added to your life by people around you
  • Setting intentions and goals each morning. this helps us to focus our time and energy effectively for increased productivity and creativity.
  • Thinking through irrational thoughts rationally to help control negative thoughts: it can help with reducing passivity, unhappiness and chaos from your life, and cultivate more intentional living.
  • Daily reflections on behaviour, actions and events. one of the best way to make improvements to our effectiveness and happiness is to make iterative changes through reflecting on behaviour and thinking of ways to improve.
Where To Start
So with that in mind I wanted to share with you special folk a load of great references and ideas for creating your own prompts. Tim Ferris’ 17 Questions are particularly cool if you are looking to shift your perspective in 2021.
Testing The "Impossible": 17 Questions That Changed My Life (#206) – The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
20 Stoic Journal Topics for Self-Development | regpaq
Journaling In Notion
So, inspired by all this, I’ve made myself a prompted journal system in Notion and really started to keep the habit up! Result!
If you haven’t seen it: check out my Notion journaling template inspired by the Stoics and some of these sources: Maybe it can be your solution to prompt your way to mental clarity:
The Stoic Daily Journal
A Guide To Daily Journaling | My Notion Journal Template for Mental Clarity
A Guide To Daily Journaling | My Notion Journal Template for Mental Clarity
I’ll leave you with these great perspectives on life from Stoicism that put it all in perspective: let go, love it all, and seize the moment.
Speak soon,
…and thanks for joining the Better Creating community!
Simon :)
Amor Fati. Don’t just accept what happens, love it. Because it’s for the best. Because you will make it for the best. A Stoic embraces everything with a smile. Every obstacle is fuel for their fire, to borrow Marcus’s metaphor.
Memento Mori. We’re strong but we’re not invincible. We were born mortal and nothing can change that. So let us, as Seneca said, “prepare our minds as if we’d come to the very end of life.” Let us put nothing off, let us live each moment fully.
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Simon @ Better Creating
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