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Be Better Creating - Issue #1

Simon @ Better Creating
Simon @ Better Creating
Live Better: Create Better. Why I started Better Creating.

Welcome! This is the first issue of some occasional snippets of useful stuff I discover on productivity, simple living and creative life. Today I want to talk about why I started all this, and share a few inspirations that got me going on the journey to find a more intentional, stress free life as a freelancer.
Possibly the moment I decided to start... :-)
Possibly the moment I decided to start... :-)
Live and work more intentionally
If you’ve worked in the arts, or as a freelancer at all, I know you’ll recognise the challenges that come with that - the fear of failure, the anxiety and suspense around how we deal with the unknown, or starting out in a new job or profession, and the emotional highs and lows that come with a career in the creative industries. It can be glorious, but it can also be brutal and exhausting.
A couple of years ago a directed play in London called Distance. It was about the struggle of a character dealing with depression, and being unable to connect with others to find a way to overcome that distance and isolation they felt. Creating that show, as often is the case, echoed experiences in my own life. But making that show, was for me a really cathartic and positive experience. I had been dealing similar feelings in the year or so before the writer approached me, and actually the research and process of collaborating on that piece, really enabled me to come back out the other end of those issues with mental health, and make some changes in my own life. 
As the pandemic hit in the middle of 2020, I decided to take some time to look more closely at how I could remodel my lifestyle, and creative work in order unpick what can really make a difference for living a more intentional, productive and stress-free creative life.
And so, over the last 6-months I’ve been creating weekly videos on YouTube exploring just that, taking some time and space to reflect; look again at how I do things. This isn’t simply about making more and going further (this hustle culture we are seduced by), it’s about asking, how can I create work in a more intentional way, make space for creativity and the rest of life, so we don’t let it fly past up. 
Along with too much time at home in 2020, one thing that definitely came out of this was some proper habit change. From decluttering and minimising, to taking up yoga or building my own productivity system from scratch in Notion: but you know all about that if you watch the channel! So, I started intensively learning again and found ways to refocus my approach to freelance life in general.
In fact, this project might also be a response to having this conversation so often with the people I know:
how are you? how are things?
I’m good. But I’m busy"
Like it’s a badge we have to wear; that to be busy, is to keep up with the Jones. Or that being busy, is how a successful creative person should be. Well, that’s just not the case - that mode of living can stifle our creativity, and stunt how productive we are actually being. We can burden ourselves with commitments that stretch us so thin, our activities loose their value. Better creating is about finding what, with perspective what is really important, and what is really vital. What Greg McKeown calls ‘the trivial many verses the essential few’ (Essentialism), and asking the right questions about how we are spending our time and energy.
I highly recommend you check out this selection of books that inspired me early on. They offer a range of great tools and perspectives on living a more intentional life:
So that’s what this is all about - hopefully helping you and I to live more simply, and to find happier, more productive, and more creative careers along the way. It’s a side hustle for me - and a search for better ways to do things. Whether you’re a hobbiest, or a fully fledged professional - I hope Better Creating can be a place for you to drop in to share discover ideas like these.
See you for another one soon,
If you’d like to hear more: and see where it all started (early 2020 me!), check out the original video that started it all on YouTube:
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Simon @ Better Creating
Simon @ Better Creating @bettercreating1

Creative life simplified. I share occasional snippets and insights into ideas around productivity, creativity and simple living that can help us all make meaningful work & lead more intentional, stress-free lives.

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