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Be Better Creating #5: Second Brain Upgrades & My Productive Podcast Picks

Simon @ Better Creating
Simon @ Better Creating
Hi everyone,
Wow, it’s been a while since one of these! So welcome to all the new members who either signed up, downloaded a Notion template or both. I hope you enjoy these occasional snippets of productivity joy to your inbox. I also share updates for template users here, you can of course unsubscribe at anytime!
In this email:
  • Digital Upgrades: these second brain productivity gems grabbed my attention: they might grab yours! Bardeen, Loop, Notion Databases and Tiago Forte’s pen.
  • Productive Podcast Picks: A link and a line on the 3 best personal growth podcasts episodes I discovered this month. Simple.

Getting to the Essential: my Podcast Picks from this month.
Getting to the Essential: my Podcast Picks from this month.
Second Brain Upgrades
If you are like me you’ll always have one eye on the new great productivity solution that might make your life and work a little bit better. In this issue - I’m sharing a few that upgrades for productivity that have grabbed my attention that might grab yours too: from Notion workspace updates to some new knowledge to feed your (2nd) brains 🧠 ✌️
Have you heard about Microsoft Loop?
I’ve got a sneaking feeling it could be about to become a serious piece of competition to Notion as a block based personal and team-based customisable productivity platform (say that in a hurry). I’ll put a video out on this soon: but got to say: whilst they might be late to the party, it could be because they’ve nailed it! It promises to bring additional functionality and integrations that will be super attractive for many people, particularly 365 users. Check it out on their website here
Notion’s Better Databases
I’m so excited by the new Notion updates for better databases: we can now join views of multiple databases into single linked database dashboard views, see them in tabs, hide database titles for cleaner page layouts, and even filter and sort in more granular ways - meaning if you share your databases with teams or collaborators, you can all filter views individually without effecting other people’s view. Game changer! (sorry - Youtube cliche-phrase habit). Ha.
On the subject of the new look databases: I’ve been gently tweaking my Complete Notion Version 2 templates to be optimised to use these new features, If you own one: feel free to check back to the template via your original download link and take a look around if you want to copy any of the changes as I do them. I also had a nice idea to give them an additional set of aesthetic makeovers in the future too. Watch this space 👍
But Most excitingly, at the Block By Block conference a few months back Notion announced the arrival of ‘Synced Databases’. We expect them to be coming we think later in the year: which something I can’t wait for: in build Google Calendar Integration: that will transform a lot of people’s workflows. Watch more about what’s new on the Block by Block Conference Key Note on YouTube HERE.
Block by Block 2022: Keynote
Block by Block 2022: Keynote
Speaking of calendar’s and Workflows: check out Bardeen; a great automation tool (currently totally free) that uses Robotic Processing Automation. most excitingly they have a very convincing solution tool for Notion recurring tasks that do actually populate the calendar… They were recently described as ‘the next Zapier’ by Product Hunt, and just released a Notion API automation pack. I’ve been chatting a bit with them and hope to bring you some more content on this soon.
Bardeen | Automate your repetitive tasks with one click
Second Brains
Tiago Forte just upgraded his brilliant resources on how to build and use a digital second brain by writing the book on it. It’s released June 21st. He’s known for his para method of personal productivity: i might just look at optimising my notion workspace to align further with his concepts of areas & resources: preorder HERE
If you are new to the concepts of of second brain’s or personal knowledge management: check out my video on how i’ve built mine with a collection of digital apps here too. 
A Brain To Remember Everything You Read | My Notion Knowledge Management System
A Brain To Remember Everything You Read | My Notion Knowledge Management System
Productive Podcast Picks
So: to send you on your way in the right way this week: Here are three great podcast episodes I just couldn’t stop adding quotes to my second brain from! Some amazing perspectives on the essential stuff of life and business in here: I loved them, maybe you will too.
The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish
I tagged more quotes from this on my App than anything before it: Such a great into to thinking differently about how you optimise your contribution and approach in life. Listen. Listen Now.
Deep Dive With Ali Abdaal
Always good value these interviews from Ali: this one thou is particularly enlightening from Will Storr as he breaks down the nature of social games and how understanding them can transform your approach to life and business.
What’s Essential Podcast
Greg McKeown’s podcast (Essentialism, Effortless) is a great place to go for insights on finding what’s essential to you and how to make a higher contribution in life whilst reducing the strain on you as you do it! This is a beauty of discussion on long-term thinking with Dorie Clark.
Thanks for reading, see you soon.
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Simon @ Better Creating
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