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How to Cut Down a Tree

How to Cut Down a Tree
How to Cut Down a Tree

Is there an unwanted tree in your yard and you wish to cut it down? First of all, you should need to collect all the necessary tools to carefully and safely cut down the tree. Tree cutting includes a lot of processes, procedures and also steps so you have to follow all these things in a careful manner.
Tools and materials required:
In order to cut down a tree from your yard, you should need to have the following tools including,
ü Felling wedges
ü Chainsaw
ü Hearing protection
ü Hard hat
ü Eye protection
ü Work gloves
ü Chaps
ü Chainsaw protective gear kit
ü Steel-Toe boots
At the same time, you should also need to have some other important materials such as chainsaw bar and chain oil. You can buy all these products affordably from one or varying online stores to cut down a tree.
Steps involving to cut down a tree:
Before starting the tree cutting process, first of all you should need to be aware of all the regarding procedures and follow all the required safety measures. You should have to collect information on how to use the chainsaw safely and how to maintain it. Not all the trees are equal for your cutting procedure so that you should need to collect necessary information if you are going to cut the largest trees. It is better following these required steps suggested by the experts to cut down the trees.

     You can start a tree cutting procedure by taking a complete look at the area. You have to be sure there are no any other structures, pets or power lines close to the height or radius of the tree. Keep people at the double distance of the tree height.
     Then, it is significant to choose a direction in which you want a tree to fall and it has to be the direction in which the tree naturally leans. At the same time, you also have to make a clear plan to escape the path opposite the direction of tree falling down and also at the 45 degree angle.
     Clear the region around the tree and the cutters should also have to make sure that there are no any loose branches in the tree.
     If the tree is on your left side or your left shoulder is now against the tree, you have to make the 70 degree cut on the side that will face the direction in which you wish to fall down a tree.
     It is better using the right type of saw in the right direction to easily and quickly cut down the tree at the proper location.
     You should cut a tree at least to its depth of about a ¼
of the tree diameter.
     For the next cut, you should turn the saw in sideways and horizontally make the cut to do your first cut.
     Then, you should need to move to the opposite side for having the felling cut. Now, you have to make a horizontal cut vaguely above your previous cut. Saw until you finish the cut.
If the tree will only fall down on another tree or any structure, you should need to immediately contact a professional help. From the beginning to the end, you must work carefully when you are going to fall down the tree. Once the tree is falling down after your cutting procedure, you have to separately remove the branches. This particular process is actually known as limbing. The small branches can be easily removed and when it comes to the large branches you should cut from the outside due to its great tension and weight.
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