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Reinforcing Feedback Loops | Customers, Etc

Reinforcing Feedback Loops | Customers, Etc
By Ben McCormack • Issue #50 • View online
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This is the 4th post in a series on support systems (though it’s evolved to be more about business systems), which began with Your First Support Model. Last week’s post was about Modeling the Support System in HASH.

If you’ve worked on the customer support / experience side of things for a while, maybe you’re like me and you’ve been surprised at times
Sales, the Reinforcing Feedback Loop
The reason sales gets so much attention is because it’s part of a positive reinforcing feedback loop.
Retention, t
In the image
In a balancing feedback loop where you’re trying to maintain a stock level, you want to invest the minimum amount necessary to
Sales vs Retention
Perhaps now we’re starting to see why
Expansion and Loyalty
You don’
Expansion happens when a current customer—one that already been acquired—comes back and does more business, either by purchasing
Reinforcing Feedback Loops
  1. For the record, I’ve
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