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By Ben McCormack

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Reinforcing Feedback Loops | Customers, Etc

If you've worked on the customer support / experience side of things for a while, maybe you're like me and you've been surprised at times


Modeling the Support System in HASH | Customers, Etc

When we drew a basic support system last week, we started to visualize what the system looks like with its stock of support tickets, flow of agents solving tickets, and the balancing feedback loop that constantly tries to keep the stock of tickets at "inbox z…


Modeling the Support System | Customers, Etc

Last week's post, which was about building your first support model, talked about the importance of having a model for customer support, or more precisely, we focused on how to think about hiring for customer support. The situation we were looking to avoid wa…


Your First Support Model | Customers, Etc

Maybe I have weird interests, but I find it fun to imagine what it's like to begin a job as the first customer support person for a small start-up. I mean, this sort of thing must be happening all the time. New products and companies are being started every s…


Extra-queue-rricular Work | Customers, Etc

Imagine you're trying to get your foot in the door at the latest rocket ship tech company. They're hiring for customer support, except they call their support staff "Support Ninjalinos", which is hip and cool. You send in your application and land an intervie…


What I Didn't Know When I Worked at Trello | Customers, Etc

The basic format of this newsletter is that I take a topic that I find interesting and I write about it. It's usually about customers, or the work involved in serving customers, and sometimes about something else. So far this approach has produced 45 issues. …


Funnel vs Journey | Customers, Etc

Look at what happened at Airbnb:


This Company is Resetting Customer Expectations | Customers, Etc

When I worked on last week's newsletter about resetting customer expectations, I was a little bummed that I didn't have a more recent example to demonstrate what it looks like when a business resets customer expectations and brings it to future customers' att…


Resetting Customer Expectations | Customers, Etc

My first smartphone was the AT&T/Cingular 2125. It came out in the spring of 2006. I remember thinking hard about if I should get the 2125 or its bigger brother, the 8125, which had a full physical keyboard. Also, the 8125 had Wi-fi, which was a big deal …


Setting vs Meeting Expectations | Customers, Etc

Join me on an imaginative journey. You're in the middle of New York City and you're hungry. Just so you can enjoy the moment, let's pretend we're not still in the middle of a global pandemic. Go ahead, soak it in. You walk down a side street and notice a smal…


Walking Back the Customer Journey | Customers, Etc.

Not everyone has the title Chief Customer Officer. If you've read the last two newsletter on The Simple Customer Journey Map and Priority Touchpoints, you may get the sense that "gee, Ben, this is nice and all, but I can barely get other teams to take custome…


Priority Touchpoints | Customers, Etc

Imagine, if you will, that love is in the air, and you're looking for a gift for that special someone in your life. Not just any gift, mind you—this is a particularly special occasion—you need a gift that shows your true love and devotion.Your heart aflutter,…


The Simple Customer Journey Map | Customers, Etc

I remember the first time I was part of a group that was tasked with coming up with a customer journey map. "I don't know the first thing about journey maps—where do we even start?" was probably the first thought that went through my head. If you search for e…


Building a Thriving Customer Support Team | Customers, Etc

The main content of this week's newsletter is an interview I did with Boldr on Building a Thriving Customer Support Team. In that interview, I answer 3 questions:What do you think is the biggest roadblock for companies wanting to change their mindset as they …


Relationship & Product | Customers, Etc

It's a new year! Which means it's a perfect time to refocus on customers. Give them some extra love. Build the products they want. Pick your favorite framework for strategic alignment (I like Objectives & Key Results, OKRs) and get to work.When we talk ab…


Being Heard | Customers, Etc

I'm in the process of refinancing my home. "Smart move, interest rates are at an all-time low", you're probably thinking. Yes, interest rates are low, but I've been wanting to refinance for months. You might recall back in May how I shared the horror story of…


Investing In Growth | Customers, Etc

There was a conversation at work today about challenges that growth-based businesses may be facing right now during the pandemic. Unless you're a business that's directly benefiting from the pandemic (e.g. $ZM), you may not be growing like you were last year.…


The Very Most Basic Things You Need to Know About Startup Equity | Customers, Etc

It's your third year at a technology startup and you wake up one morning to the news that your company has been acquired. There's lots of excitement among your fellow coworkers, if not a bit of nervousness, but by the end of the day, you learn that you're get…


Awareness in the Product Journey | Customers, Etc

Part of the fun thing about learning about "journeys" in the realm of customer experience is that there isn't a single journey. There are multiple journeys (we explored users vs customers recently) and the basic steps are the same in each journey:AwarenessEva…