Bell & Basket - Why "Being a Regular" Gets Me Emotional, You Gotta Listen to this José Andrés Podcast, and More Butter Please

I read the most amazing article this week on what it's like to be a regular at a NYC dining establish
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Bell & Basket - Why "Being a Regular" Gets Me Emotional, You Gotta Listen to this José Andrés Podcast, and More Butter Please
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I read the most amazing article this week on what it’s like to be a regular at a NYC dining establishment. This piece brought me to tears–not only because it’s well written but because Colin and I are regulars at a very special restaurant in our neighborhood. 
This restaurant happens to be the place we had our first date almost five years ago. He was standing outside the restaurant, leaning against the blue mailbox, wearing dorky running sneakers with jeans. We both got burgers, I asked if I could have his pickle. 
And since then it’s become the place we go to celebrate anniversaries, new jobs, the beginning of summer (“let’s sit outside!”) and almost every other special occasion. 
It’s a great restaurant. Their burger is amazing. The kale salad is delish. The mussels in coconut curry with chunks of bread, cilantro and red chilies nestled inside hit the spot every time. But it’s not even about the food. 
Wait–I take that back. It’s always about the food. But it’s also about the memories. Because one without the other just doesn’t cut it. 
Hope you enjoy the article too. ‘Til next week. 

The Perks of Being a Regular - Eater
Do you know who Jose Andres is? He’s famous for his 26 incredible restaurants across the US but almost just as famous for being sued by the President of the United States. He pulled out of a restaurant deal in a Trump Hotel after the then President Elect called Mexicans drug dealers and rapists. Remember that? How could you forget. 
Well I listened to this entire Eater Upsell podcast today, featuring Chef José and I can’t even count how many times I laughed out loud. People on the subway couldn’t stop staring. 
And if you’re not going to listen to the whole thing, skip to 50 minutes in and hear Jose answer the question, “What music pumps you up?” Then hear him repeat the word “pump” over ten times, in the most amazing Spanish accent. It’s the best thing I’ve heard all week. Just do it, you won’t regret it. 
 This week on The Eater Upsell
You know when you go to spread cold butter on a piece of toast and your knife slips against your butter dish, making the most annoying clinking sound. And then you go to spread it and it rips your toast to shreds? 
Well, I received the most marvelous gift last week. A BUTTER BELL CROCK! Have you heard of this thing? 
It’s basically a way to keep butter room temperature without it going bad. You fill the “bell” with soft butter (I use salted President), add around an inch of cold water to the jar and drop your bell in. The water creates a seal around the butter so it doesn’t oxidize and you have soft, creamy, spreadable butter all the time. It’s a miracle I tell you. 
You can read all about the cult of the butter bell crock below (click photo for link)! 
James Ransom/Food52
James Ransom/Food52
Unknown pedestrians, Greenpoint (scan from film)
Unknown pedestrians, Greenpoint (scan from film)
Keeping it simple this week. Happy hump day and carry on! 
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